List of all headings:

Chronical of scientific life [3]

Scientific news of UAPA and its branches [11]

New models of social world: in search of what you’ve lost [3]

Normative legal regulation of the activity of local government bodies [2]

Education as a modernization factor [12]

Social and municipal sector of the Russian economy: from planning to steady self-development [4]

Political philosophy – in the search of the answer to modern problems of state and society development [6]

Political aspects of the Russian modernization [3]

Political institutes and social stratification [4]

Politology. Institutional transformation and logics of routine in the Russian policy [4]

Legal aspects of public and social management [53]

Legal aspects of state and municipal service [3]

None [9]

Legal issues of management [2]

Problems of security and society in modern Russia [3]

Problems of demography and population [3]

Problems of training and education of managerial human resources [7]

Itinerary on the margin of unread history [2]

Regional and municipal economy [23]

None [9]

Regional economy and policy [28]

Regional economy and management [22]

System of social-labor relations [2]


Modern aspects of juridical science and practice [7]

Modern problems of management [11]

Current problems of educational services market: the russian and foreign practice [4]

Modern problems of organization theory [5]

Modern technologies and their role in efficiency improvement of the State authorities’ activity [3]

Social responsibility of the State and business [5]

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