Power and public management

Color revolution as a threat to the political system of the state: problems of definition
Verbitskaya T.V., Kerimov A.A.

Methodological fundamentals of general public concept of governance
Podgornyy V.V.

Legitimation of power: myths of the russian political culture
Sannikov G.G.

Complex of multiple-factor models of risks and threats assessment of economic security implemented in digital technology
Troshin D.V.

Digital reality: from the model to the image
Markova N.I., Uzhegova A.M.

Conceptualization of public electronic ser-vices: technological aspect
Bolshakova Yu.M., Eremeev S.V.

Organization of infrastructure support for socially oriented non-profit organizations of the service sector in public administration of the Russian Federation
Kulkova V.Yu.

Methodological fundamentals of general public concept of governance on the issue of the relationship between public welfare and subjective well-being in happiness economics (philosophical aspect)
Starikova A.A.

On the issue of the political aspect of working time
Starostin V.A.

Features of the institute of the head of state in the public administration system of the Russian Federation
Sulimin A.N.

The scientific basis and practice of implementing the state regional policy in Russia (1991-2008)
Moltchanova N.P.

History of staff policy in organs of prosecutors of the Sverdlovsk region from 1934 to 1980.
Nikitina A.S.

Socio-political global and russian evolution: dialectics and development vectors
Egorychev A.M., Levashov V.K., Rostovskaya T.K.

The wisdom of the Constitution of Switzerland as a lawful and expedient state
Osipyan B.A.

Gender aspect of the transformation of the power vertical in the Russian Federation
Ryadskaya V.S.

Party and soviet elite in 1922-1928.: (socio-cultural characteristics and lines of political behavior)
Feldman M.A.

Dualism in the development of management accounting: standardization and individualization
Omelchenko I.A., Sharovatova E.A.

Problems of motivation of municipal employees: new challenges
Kulkova I.A., Sharin V.I.

Effectiveness of public management in finland: approaches, methods, tools
Bolshakov S.N., Bolshakova Yu.M.

Definition of paradiplomacy in russian and foreign political discourse
Verbitskaya T.V., Mikhailenko E.B.

Issues of co-operation of corruption in the state authorities bodies
Verkhovyh A.E., Grishin D.A.

Problems of interdepartmental information interaction in the provision of public services
Strukova N.A.

Maternal capital as a tool for regulation of family policy: management aspects
Zueva A.V., Feldman M.A.

Generative policy as a basis for the development of the management system in the north of Russia
Kondral D.P.

Development of the academic letters 'competencies as a tool for implementation of the state program for increasing the competitiveness of science and education
Makovich G.V.

The role of rehabilitation and conscience of russian judges at the detection of the true and complete picture of the considered matters and of the presentation of right-dimensional and perfect decisions and treaties
Osipyan B.A.

Improvement of the institutional structure of political systems in the northern regions of Russia
Kondral D.P.

The crisis in Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine: general features and peculiarities
Verbitskaya T.V.

Constitutional-legal status of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Prokofiev V.N.

Ural engineering school: beginning the way and possibilities of improving implementation
Feldman M.A.

Flexibility of internal sovereignty as managerial factor of warning of "color revolution"
Bocharov A.V.

Efficiency of fatf in countering the financing of terrorism: the problems of regulation and control
Melkumian K.S.

Approaches to evaluating efficiency and effectiveness of delegated powers
Dobrolubova E.I.

Values of the state service of Russia - from declarations to actions
Boyko E.A., Menshova V.M.

The institutional transformation of the public service in a political context
Borshchevskiy G.A.

Forms and methods of personnel policy in authorities in modern Russia
Kirichek P.N., Kiselev A.G.

Development instead of reforms: KhMAO-Ugra state civil service in 2010-2015
Kodintsev A.Ya.

Managing budgetary costs of federal institutions - normalization and regional differentiation
Gulyaev P.V.

Regional development through the improvement of the implementation of municipal functions electronically using the development of administrative regulations
Kazakov M.Yu., Lachinina T.A., Chistyakov M.S.

Improvement of the system of rendering medical aid to the population of the Sverdlovsk region in the framework of the territorial program of state guarantees
Ionkina I.V.

Digital economy as part of the technological platform of public policy and administration
Bolshakov S.N., Bolshakova Yu.M., Leskova I.V.

Clientelism as determining feature of neopatrimonial regimes
Melnikov K.V.

Bimodal management and adoption of public administrative decisions
Kirillov L.G.

Evaluation of transformation approaches to the definition of neopatrimonialism
Melnikov K.V.

State policy in the sphere of local self-government in the period of constructing the «vertical of power»
Mukhametov R.S.

Features of public management in the context of sustainable development of the society
Podgornyy V.V.

Improving institutional arrangements for the development of socio-political systems of the northern regions of Russia
Kondral D.P.

Why is it necessary to reform the public control and supervision in labor in Russia?
Barinova V.A., Eryomkin V.A.

Foreign agent of influence as a society management actor: methodological aspect
Kerimov A.A., Rudenkina A.I.

Administrative mechanisms for the protection of public order by municipal authorities (on the example of the municipal entity «Сity of Ekaterinburg»)
Sidorov Yu.V.

Administrative reform in the Russian Federation: Preconditions and problems of conducting
Vaganov A.M.

Stalinism: the problem of vitality in the public mind and management practices
Feldman M.A.

Administrative reform in russia: to be continued
Feldman M.A.

Government programs as a tool for strategic management: an interregional analysis
Nozhenko D.Yu.

Institutional development trends of the expert support for preparing political decisions in the sphere of public administration
Noskova M.V.

Public (civilian) control and public administration
Antoshin V.A., Yershov Yu.G.

Powerful administrative activity of subjects of the russian federation on implementation of the plenary powers in the field of security and defence of the country
Verbitskaya T.V.

International experience of assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental control (supervision)
Dobrolubova E.I.

On topical issues of public councils in the Russian federation
Noskova M.V.

Regional aspects of research of satisfaction of public and municipal services in the conditions of the service state
Bolshakova Yu.M.

Implementation of project management standards in public administration
Makovkina S.A., Trofimova O.M.

Theory of public administration: from hierarchical governance to network management
Tokareva P.V.

Management of political communication in the period of media convergence: in search of a conceptual approach
Yufereva A.S.

Bolshevism and Stalinism: the problem of relationship
Yershov Yu.G.

Comparative analysis of the metaphorical model “management is marketing relations» in Russian and Anglo-American management discourse
Yudina O.L.

Management of migration processes in Siberia: ethno politological analysis
Savinov L.V., Shevtsova E.V.

Public development management: research trends and prospects
Startsev Ya.Yu.

Revolution and modernization theory
Schulz E.E.

The problem of the Russian statehood in the light of the evolution-synergetic approach
Andreyeva Yu.A., Skorobogackii V.V.

Political power: experience of the concept analytics
Fedorovskikh A.A.

Comparative characteristics of “management-is science” metaphorical model in the Russian and Anglo-American managerial discourse
Yudina O.L.

Comparative analysis of E-government systems in Russia and the USA
Younhee K., Nikitina A.S.

Social networks in the process of communication of the authorities and society
Kiselyova A.M., Shpak E.A.

The role of social media in implementation of image strategies of the politicians in the context of information society development at regional level
Makoveychuk A.V., Rykhtik M.I.