Social management

Practical mechanisms of implementation of public administration in the sphere of education
Balynskaya N.R., Zinovieva E.G., Usmanova E.G.

Implementation of the state museum policy in St. Petersburg
Vdovenko T.V., Tsinchenko G.M.

Organization of interaction between industry-specific universities and structural units of the industry
Kalganova N.V.

Academic Mobility in a Changing World: Russian Experience
Korolev G.V., Koryagina I.A.

Social identification: methods, resources and opportunities
Lagutin Yu.V.

Civil society and governance in modern Russia
Kondral D.P., Florea V.M.

Professionally valuable orientations of student youth on the example of investigation of priorities in the structure of terminal and instrumental life values of students
Alekseeva L.A., Kokh I.A.

Classification and significance of the factors of formation in the population of the Sverdlovsk region of readiness to obtain state and municipal services in electronic form
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Axiological imperatives of professional training of future managers of government management
Frolov O.V.

Patriotic education of students as an object of sociological analysis
Bezgodov D.N., Volkova O.A., Florea V.M.

Knowledge management specification in the system of general education
Dugina K.A.

Interaction of enterprises and university in macro-regions: expert evaluation of perspectives
Кузьминчук А.А., Shuklina E.A.

Development of interdepartmental cooperation in complex rehabilitation program for people with disabilities
Abramova S.B., Radchenko T.E.

Terminal and instrumental values in the structure of professional-value orientations of student youth
Alekseeva L.A., Kokh I.A.

Sustainable social system: from methodology of structural organizations to technology of effective functioning
Podgornyy V.V.

Organizational development of volunteer centers in Russia and Croatia
Кузьминчук А.А., Telepaeva D.F.

The trust of young people as a resource for city management
Ambarova P.A., Zborovskiy G.E., Farafonova A.I.

Social roles of the man in the modern society
Rostovskaya T.K., Shimanovskaya Ya.V.

State policy for support of families with children with disabilities
Tsinchenko G.M.

Novations and rotinness: a value relation in the consciousness and behavior of russian pensioners
Nozdrina A.A.

Institutional and non-statistical components of religious pilgrimage
Podergina E.E.

Civil activity of youth of Sverdlovsk region
Zabokritskaya L.D., Oreshkina T.A.

The history of local self-government in russia: the evolution of domestic theories
Barazgova E.S.

Self-governing activity of urban community in the internet
Zerchaninova T.E., Tarbeeva I.S.

Management of adaptation of migrants: mechanisms and methods for their implementation in the territory of the Novosibirsk region
Savinov L.V., Shtop D.A.

Ecological situation as a factor of attractiveness of the region and an indicator of the quality of life of the population
Balynskaya N.R., Zinovieva E.G., Limareva Ju.A.

Interaction between the educational communities of the russian megalopolis: the problems of management
Zborovskiy G.E., Shuklina E.A.

Factors preventing the public from receiving public services in electronic form
Vatoropin A.S., Khvatov A.E.

Activity approach to the study of image policy (technique EMOI)
Kanyukov A.N.

Analysis of the perception of image of the region in public consciousness (on the example of Sverdlovsk region)
Ruchkin A.V., Sergeeva T.A., Tchevtayeva N.G.

The role of internet in the shaping of the political culture
Kolpakov V.V.

Analysis of the citizens e-participation services and platforms (exemplified by the Volgograd region)
Demushina O.N.

Culture of interethnic communication among students (analysis of the sociological research)
Petrova T.E., Rostovskaya T.K.

State policy in relation to the family of childhood in the soviet and post-soviet periods
Tsinchenko G.M.

Socio-cultural changes during the economic crisis
Sannikov G.G.

Analysis of the main factors in the adaptation of migrants in other-cultural environment
Lobodanova D.L., Starikov I.G.

The interaction of modern universities and business: the issue about the nature and role of entrepreneurial university
Mikhalchenkova N.A.

Mass sport: institutional and neo-institutional approaches
Aristov L.S., Barazgova E.S.

Educational communities of universities as strategic partners of megacity management
Ambarova P.A., Derevnina T.V., Zborovskiy G.E.

Sociological analysis on objectivity of development strategies of social entrepreneurship
Gelikh O.Ya.

Improvement of general education according to the teachers’ evaluations
Berzin B.Yu.

Youth’s attitude the concept of globalization: axiological aspect
Dmitrieva V.A.

Control of organized volunteer work in the Russian universities: evaluation of the effectiveness and optimal model of partnership
Vetitnev A.M., Kruglova M.S.

Opportunities and barriers for development of volunteering management in the Russian region (by the example of Sverdlovsk region)
Kuzminchuk A.A., Кузьминчук А.А.

Public-private partnership development in the field of education in the Sverdlovsk region
Gumbatova И.В., Zerchaninova T.E.

Social technologies management of social activity of students
Shchemeleva I.I.

Choral performance as an instrument of public policy implementation in the field of culture
Zhukova I.V., Kulmametjev V.R.

Analysis of the inclusion of youth in the management and development of a city in Germany
Yudashkina V.V.

Problems of activity coordination in the field of corporate social responsibility in Russia
Bichinev A.A.

Sociological recommendations: concept, functions, principles and creation mechanism
Kolupaeva A.A., Shpak L.L.

National strategies in the field of higher education: content, types, subjects
Duran T.V., Kostina N.B.

Humanitarian diplomacy as a tool of social conflicts resolving
Tchernikh N.A.

Improving interaction of local authorities with population in the field of handling citizens’ appeals: problems of efficiency (exemplified by the municipality of the CITY of EKATERINBURG)
Feldman M.A., Chigvintsev S.A.

Researching reproductive attitudes of the Komi Republic population in the context of identifying demographic policy goals
Popova L.A., Shishkina M.A.

Evaluation of spatial development of municipality
Klyuchnikova T.N.

Innovative technologies as a method of social sphere optimization
Klyuyev A.V.

Actual issues of social mechanism of innovation control at the enterprise
Kovalenko A.A.

The system of talent management of modern enterprise
Balynskaya N.R., Kuznetsova N.R., Sinitsyna O.N.

Procedural motivation and social-psychological adaptation of the person in personnel management system
Berzin B.Yu., Zykina N.E.

Professional education of specialists working with youth: development genesis
Rostovskaya T.K., Fomina S.N.

Public sector management system in the light of the theories of socio-economic systems
Belousova S.V.

Cooperation of local authorities with youth in crisis: problems and prospects
Bikmetov E.Yu., Kungurtseva G.F., Khozinov R.R.

Informatization as an indicator of resource management and educational reforms
Klimova G.G., Yakovleva N.A.

Insurance health model in Russia on the path from idea to goal: managerial aspects
Feldman M.A.

Quality management and availability of public health services (on materials of Sverdlovsk region)
Andreyeva Yu.A., Kuznetsova E.V.

Satisfaction of the of the Komi republic population with municipal services provision: the experience of empirical research
Bolshakova Yu.M.

Social efficiency of state support for working young people in Sverdlovsk region
Zerchaninova T.E., Mudretsova N.P.

Culture of consumption as a factor of labor management
Ilyin A.N.

Expert evaluation of the challenges of public management of the penal correction system development in the perm territory
Barmin A.A., Zerchaninova T.E.

Regulation of supplementary education for children and teenagers in the region: the problem of efficiency and regulatory instruments
Basov N.A., Feldman M.A.

Territorial schemes as a means of waste management
Ostrovskiy N.V.

The emergence of the Anglo-American borrowings and their subsequent metaphorization in the Russian managerial discourse as one of the ways of the Russian management development
Yudina O.L.

Public-private partnership in health service control
Piskunov S.V., Tchevtayeva N.G.

On labor market control in modern Russia
Feldman M.A.

Monitoring activity in the sphere of motor-service and road facilities on a territory
Bobchenko V.E., Vassiljeva E.I.

Management of the North zone division of the Sakha Yakutia republic: essence, problems and perspectives
Yegorova T.P., Ponomaryova G.A., Fyodorova E.N.

New vector of cooperation between Tadzhikistan and Russia in the sphere of migration (managerial aspect)
Ulmasov R.U.

Imagery of the young Russian people about family life: sociological aspect
Kuchmayeva O.V., Rostovskaya T.K.