Power and political management

Political functionality as the «idea» of the modern state
Afonasova A.V.

Post-revolutionary policy of soviet russia with regard to engineering education: the struggle of political sentimentalists and socio-economic pragmatists
Dobrynina M.V.

Community councils affiliated with regional executive authorities:how to ensure expert balance? (by the example of the Sverdlovsk region)
Trakhtenberg A.D., Dyakova E.G.

Conceptualization of public electronic services: publicity aspect
Bolshakova Yu.M., Eremeev S.V.

US and Canadian arctic policy and its oil and gas aspect
Kazanin A.G.

Algorithms and ways of development of the russian socio-political system in the writings of representatives of modern conservative thinking
Kondral D.P., Kuzmin A.G.

Dynamics of electoral competition candidates in direct gubernatorial elections in Russia
Mikhametov R.S.

Public policy of the Russian Federation in the field of physical training and sports development
Tsinchenko G.M., Orlova I.S.

Meta-governance as a new solution to the governance crisis
., .

Transformation of the specifics of political manipulation in “new media”
Kunshchikov S.V., Stroganov V.B.

Regional ruling elites: dynamics and specifics (on the example of Sverdlovsk region)
Mukhametov R.S.

State control of advertising and information activities of organizations: procedure and problems (on the example of the Office of the federal antimonopoly service for the Khabarovsk territory)
Blinova T.N., Toropova T.A.

Practical implementation of the state policy in the field of ensuring safety within the framework of construction and development of systems of the “Safe city” apparative complex on the territory of Sverdlovskaya region
Antoshin V.A., Tretyakova E.S.

Methods of combating corruption in public authorities
Grishin D.A., Verkhovyh A.E.

Values management in the context of political reform
Sannikov G.G.

Empire management in the era of modernization: politological analysis
Shishkov V.V.

The practices of civic engagement in public policy and the experience of civil initiative management
Perezolova A.S.

Managing the image of the Russian authorities through political advertising
Pishchugina O.S.

Local government in Russia: milestones of development
Mukhametov R.S.

The issues of regional development management in the field of national security in the Russian Federation and the USA: comparative analysis
Antoshin V.A., Yershov Yu.G.

Danger of radicalism’s ideas circulation for political system of modern Russia: managerial aspect
Kondral D.P., Kuzmin A.G.

Genesis of the category of political design in the modern world
Oreshkina Zh.Yu.

Imperium vs etat nation? On the question of correlation of notions “empire” and “state”
Rogov I.I.

Power: analytics of the notion and phenomenon
Fedorovskikh A.A.

Participation model of democracy by Sheldon Wolin in building “the American exclusiveness”
Sudakov S.S.