Social processes and technologys

Resources of cultural regeneration in the ural minor cities: public opinion of citizens’ youth
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Artistic activities as an element of social management in advertising and public relations
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The health of youth of kazakhstan and russia as a pledge of the solution of demographic problems
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Automation and robotization as the factors of the growth of technological unemployment in the modern society
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Targets, and strategic directions of the youth policy of the russian parliamentary parties
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Valuable consolidation of russian youth: scientific audience or new vector of state development
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The role of social networks in educational space of economical high school
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The role of adaptive sports in the process of destabilizing people with disabilities
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Migration processes in the Tyumen region: analysis of current trends and opportunities of management
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Regulation of illigal migration in the Ural federal district: current status and trends
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The role of social technologies in developing family values among young people
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Social well-being of the trainees as assessment indicator of military training centers functioning as part of civil universities
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