Legal aspects of public and social management

Theoretical and practical aspects of legal regulation of public-private and municipa-private partnership at present stage
Istomin V.G.

Civil service reform in the Khanty-Mansi autonomous district - Yugra in 2003-2010
Kodintsev A.Ya.

Development of the contract system in the procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs (one step forward, two steps back)
Poroshin S.A.

Legal regulation of interstate management in the context of the formation of modern mega space
Bublik V.A., Gubareva A.V.

Coordination as an effective method of public administration in Europe (on the example of Iceland)
Maksurov A.A.

The forms and limits of constitutional legal interaction between the president of the Russian Federation and "civil society" in the sphere of protection and promotion of human and civil rights and freedoms
Prokofiev V.N.

The mechanism for protection of rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs in the field of antimonopoly regulation
Ablyamitov R.Sh.

Legal regulation and the procedure for establishment of non-profit organizations
Ponomareva O.A.

Content of the statutes of voluntary organizations. Typical mistakes made by public organizations in the process of the state registration
Ksel L.E.

Governance as an object of study of social and legal sciences
Vaganov A.M., Kornienko V.I.

National legal science on the phenomenon of legal effect
Berg L.N.

Management process to ensure national security in the form of constitutional-legal institute: concept, subject of regulation
Verbitskaya T.V.

On the issue about moral imperatives of the transaction
Beitullayeva Z.A.

The problem of a supervisory body in the environment of misregulating of processes connected with interaction of labor dispute parties
Antonova E.B., Shabanov L.V.

Collective actors as representatives of workers in a social partnership: CIS countries experience
Nushtaikina K.V.

Problems of installation development on harmonization of the activities implementation of the actors coordinating legal technology in the studying process of law practitioners
Maksurov A.A.

About the functioning of the institute of harm prevention, reparation and compensation in the Russian civil law
Chornovol E.P.

Federal law “on the mechanism of social guarantees provision in various types of civil service”: requirement of development and adoption
Pletnikov V.S., Pletnikova M.S.

Executive’s report as a form of public-legal responsibility
Rusakov K.A.

Distinctive features of rights and legal interests’ protection of the participants in relations shaping up in the sphere of anti-monopoly regulation
Istomin V.G.

Civil deals and agreements in modern legislation
Beitullayeva Z.A.

Minors’ involvement in commitment of offences and other antisocial actions: criminal-legal aspects
Kosova N.N.

Laws in the system of social risk management
Istomina E.A.

Crisis legal consciousness: nature and specifics of managment
Sheiafetdinova N.A.

The responsibility of the heads of executive bodies in the field of public administration at regional level
Chepus A.V.

Management of alternative dispute resolution in Russia: history and present day
Gashina N.N., Merkulov P.A.

On the issue of technical-legal and practical aspects of formation and development of criminal procedural legislation in politics and practice of legal activity of the Russian state
Gorozhankina D.V., Markov A.A.

Technical and legal aspects of counteraction to extremism in Russia
Kuzmina N.V.

International-legal and domestic aspects of anti-corruption legislation
Vinogradova O.P., Falkina T.yu.

The influence of evolution of the Russian society and state of the XVIII – early XIX centuries on the development of civil law
Taraborin R.S.

The legislative initiative in the legal position of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and the constitutional (authorized) vessels of subjects of the Russian Federation
Morozova A.S., Kholodilova E.A.

International-legal standards for international relations regulations: the problem of compliance in the Russian Federation
Efremenkova D.A.

Elections to the public authorities and local government: problems of legal protection of the honour of candidates
Taranenko A.S.

On the perspective trends of regulatory prevention of corruption in the field of public procurement in Ukraine
Daragan V.V.

“On mechanism of providing social guarantees for various types of civil service”: general requirements to the content with the aim of management decisions development
Pletnikov V.S., Pletnikova M.S.

Public procurement management in the Republic of Crimea and in the federal city Sevastopol in conditions of legal and economic integration (exemplified by purchasing of medicines and medical equipment)
Klevakin A.V., Klevakin A.V.

Problems of identification of the role of RF Labor Code in the system of normative legal acts regulating civil service in the RF missions abroad
Yakovenko N.A.

Methods of identifying and combating latent crime as a basis of managerial decision making
Dzhakhbarov Yu.A.

Code of civil laws of the Russian Empire 1832: genesis of the legislative construction
Taraborin R.S.

Evolution of foreign practice of crime combating
Dzhakhbarov Yu.A.

Activity framework of constitutional justice bodies to identify and eliminate legal gaps
Kuznetsova E.V.

Evolution of the Federal law «On production and consumption waste»
Ostrovskiy N.V.

Contraversial structures in the Russian legislation on elections
Vidrin I.V.

Regulatory and managerial experience of Singapore in combating corruption
Veibert S.I.

Prevention of corruption in public procurement in the Republic of Belarus (regulatory and managerial aspects)
Daragan V.V.

Organized crime and lawmaking in the field of combating corruption in the context of administrative decisions
Pozdnjakova L.A.

Management of legal regulation of the police officers’ actions while apprehending a person who has committee a socially dangerous act
Nikulenko A.V.

Social risk management: legal analysis
Istomina E.A., Fedorova M.Yu.

Zemsky (territorial) electoral law in the context of the Russian modernization
Polyakovskaya N.M.

Subjects of the constitutional right to appeal in the RF
Savoskin A.V., Kholodilova E.A.

Topical issues of developing the system of agencies to prevent organized crime: current state and improvement perspectives
Ivantsov S.V.

Certain aspects of combating transnational cybercrime
Filimonov S.A.

The management processes dealing with conflicts within the framework of the sources of the national security policy
Verbitskaya T.V.