Social and political problems of public management

Mechanisms of articulation and aggregation of public interests in the arctic and subarctic regions of Russia
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Public management of water biological resources in the sphere of their availability for indigenous low-numbered peoples of the north by the example of nenets autonomous region
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Practice of management of mechanisms of informational provision of political stability in Ukraine

Use of creative technologies in political advertising: management aspect
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On management of social infrastructure development (as an example of Tyumen region)
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Political stability: essence, notion, information mechanisms

Specificity of a patriotic component of mono-city information space as a means of controlling public conscience (examplified by Magnitigorsk city)
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Problematics of the topic “the Arctic region” in the russian and foreign mass media: managerial aspect
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The Russian Soviet state –civilization. Article two
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The role of government in strategic management: traditional and modern approaches
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Political situation in Russia: subjective image of popular mentality
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Modern social institutions of national identity destruction: the experience of the Ukranian Maidan
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Road map as a tool of organizational development management
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On the issue of the RF customs authorities optimization management
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Managing implementation of the social function of the military education in military training centers of civilian universities
Samokhvalov Yu.P.