Education management

Digitalization of education and university brand: students' attitude to processes
Popova O.I.

Organization of summer holidays for teenagers
Chelpanova M.Yu.

Public education policy towards people of the «third age»: problems and contradictions
Shabrova N.V.

Managing development of children in the system of additional education in the regional context
Balynskaya N.R., Zinovieva E.G., Koptyakova S.V.

Features of innovative changes in vocational education
Butko G.P., Teslenko I.V.

Student of creative higher education institution and employer: expectations and effective formats of interaction
Azarenkov L.S., Bazhenova V.Yu., Petrova L.Ye.

On some application problems of the federal law “On education in the Russian Federation”
Menkenov A.V.

Changes in the remuneration system as a factor of incentive management of employees’ labor behavior in education establishments
Balynskaya N.R., Kuznetsova N.R., Sinitsyna O.N.

Comparative analysis of state policy implementation in the sphere of secondary education in Russia and France
Zhukova I.V., Sergeyenko A.O.

Market development pathway of education services in conditions of higher education globalization and new public education policy implementation in Russia: action-oriented aspect
Еfimova I.N., Makoveychuk A.V.

On certain features of controlling applicants’ university preference
Bobrova O.V., Kolesnikova K.L.

Theoretical basics of education project management in higher education establishments
Goncharova N.A., Loginov M.P.

Management of students’ innovative potential: problematic aspects
Bortnik B.I., Stozhko N.Yu., Chursina V.A.

State-public management of education: interim results and prospects
Nechaeva S.V., Shibanova E.K.

Comparative sociological analysis methods to assess the innovation potential of graduates of Russian and Austrian gymnasiums
Kuznetsova Yu.M., Rogulev A.I., Tchevtayeva N.G.

Methodological difficulties realization of professional standards for the training of state and municipal employees
Gorb V.G.