Social management, processes and institutions

Social management as a modern tool of the state social policy
Akjulov R.I.

Regulation tools of the modern remuneration system on labor market (exemplified by industrial branches of Sverdlovsk region)
Sivak V.S., Feldman M.A.

Education as a factor of migrating ability: experience of assessment and managerial decision-making on a regional level
Chernishev K.A.

Influence of the Russian trade unions on social-labor sphere: analysis of mass media
Shilenko A.A.

Civil control in modern Russia as a subject of sociological research
Grosheva I.A., Kostin V.A.

Social potential of civil participation in local self-government as a method of municipal management development
Klyuchnikova T.N.

Definition of efficiency of social services provision – innovative way of management of social systems
Durandina O.A., Razorvin I.V.

Social aspects of competitiveness of an enterprise
Klimova A.V.

Public-political participation of citizens and civil society structures as a mechanism of political governance in Ukraine
Podzolkov Yu.A.

Social identity in the context of the modernization of Ukrainian society
Kondratieva N.A.

the problem of studying the concept of “society” in sociology
Khoroshkevitch N.G.

Managerial diagnostics of child abuse: empirical research
Berzin B.Yu., Kopytova K.S.

Social function of the State in labour law
Ivantchina Yu.V.

Universal nature of social security and social risks
Istomina E.A.

Implementation of decent work concept in modern Russia: sociological survey
Kudrin A.S.

Defining the labour-legal status of academic teaching staff (analysis of Russian and foreign legislation on scientific and technical activity)
Vorontsov D.I., Shevchenko O.A.

Legal personality of minors as an element of the constitutional status of individuals
Evstifeev D.M.

Service of the public service and transformation strategies for social policy: an analysis of Western European experience
Bolshakova Yu.M.

The protection of the rights of citizens who have lost their homes as a result of the demolition of unauthorized constructions
Chelysheva N.Yu.

Youth as strategic socio-demographic resources of Russia and the European Union
Rostovskaya T.K.

National interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran: conceptual approaches
Sherdust E.A.

Status disparity of social group of small business owners as a factor of the shadowness of the russian economy
Yudina А.А.

Modern industrial workers in the mirror of post-industrial modernization
Kuragin V.S., Feldman M.A.

Juvenile delinquency in republic of dagestan and problems of its warnings
Shakhbanova Kh.M.