Economics and management

Features of budgeting: methodological and operational experience of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its relevance for Russia
Molchanov I.N., Molchanova N.P., Nuraliyev A.A.

Economic and legal bases of state regulation of financial control in higher education
Teplyakov I.I., Калимуллина Г.Д.

Assessment of publicly available criteria for tax risks of financial and economic activities of the organization
Brekhova U.V., Tabakov A.N., Yakovenko V.V.

Private banking pattern in Russia
None None., Усова Н.В.

Western scientists about regional and global governance: a study of correlation and connections
Kovalev A.A., Shcherbakova E.E.

On the concept of the Russian agricultural development in the modern period
Potekhin N.A., Potekhin V.N., Umatova E.S.

The administrative-territorial and economic transformation of the municipal formations
Atayeva A.G.

Main trends of modern project management in 2019
Seleznev K.R.

Modern artificial intelligence technology and employment: problems and prospects of control
None None.

System of distributive project financing in Russia
Belyayev S.E.

Underlying problems and promising areas of development of the institution of commercial banks rehabilitation in the national economy
Kinash A.E.

Opportunities of agro-industrial complex development of Bashkortostan republic as an object of strategic management of rural areas
Stovba E.V., Kovshov V.A., Lukyanova M.T.

Industry orientation of the national project «labor productivity and employment support»: on the issue of excluding the commodity sector
Brekhova U.V., Almosov A.P., Shuralev D.A.

Tourist boom: expert analysis. 2018-2019 years
Fonova N.G.

Road transport and information network: socio-economic aspects of consolidation
Lerman E.B., Teslova S.A., Sukhareva S.V.

Priorities for developing the competitiveness of economic entities in the knowledge-based economy
Vyshegorodskiy D.V.

Relationship between health indicators and socio-economic development of the region
Razumovskaya E.M., Valeeva G.F.

Basic characteristics and commercialization consequences of the national project «Safe and quality highways»
Voroshilov N.V.

Agro-industrial clusters as a form of innovative development of the industry
Novikova Yu.O.

Innovative policy in the digital financial services market
None None., Усова Н.В.

Features of economic analysis and accounting for biological assets
Terekhov A.M., Ovcharov A.O.

Study of income tax calculation and development of a methodology for comparing accounting and tax accounting data
Kot E.M., Ogorododnikova N.M., Saburova L.V., Guselnikova S.A.

State regulation problems in the use of non-wood forest resources by the example of the Far East
Smirnov M.A.

Improvement of passenger cars imports control in the state control system of foreign economic activity
Shtrikova D.B., Gurbanova A.V.

Gender analysis of the sectoral structure of the remote (long-distance) employment market based on the content analysis of the bank of vacancies and resumes
Kamarova T.A.

Problems of using the GDP indicator as an indicator of the socio-economic development of society
Molokanov V.M.

The role of the cooperative movement in the development of a socially oriented economy in Russia
None None., Chupina I.P., Voronina V.Y., Chupin Y.N.

Agro-industrial complex of the Perm region at the present stage of development
Nabokov V.I., Volkov V.I., Nekrasov K.V.

Methodology for assessing the impact of state control and supervision activities on the performance of small and medium-sized businesses
Trofimova O.M., Шеметова Н.К.

Modeling the “code space” of the territorial heritage of an industrial region
Mislakova U.G.

Oil prices versus oil export revenues as fundamental factors of the real russian ruble exchange rate: a comparison of vec models
Shumilov A.V.

Rational strategies for generating income by consumers: empirical research experience
Zlokazova Yu.V.

Internet of things technology as a way to control consumer’s loyalty
Kolchina N.O., Kolchin E.Yu.

Polarization leveling of economic activities
Aslayeva S.Sh.

Gergiev I.E.

Perception of the company by young workers of an industrial enterprise
Dolzhenko R.A., Khomutova D.V.

Analysis of the methods for identifying patterns of formation and assessment of the regional business environment
Kuzavko A.S.

Improving the efficiency of the agro-industrial complex of the Yamalo-nenets autonomous area by the example of the reindeer herding
Maslennikova А.Yu., Katvitskaya Yu.S.

Digital transformation of the Russian industrial complex
Pozmogov A.I.

Results of the ecology year in the Russian Federation (assessment of regulatory tools)
None None., Тимин А.А.

Efficiency consideration of the company's distribution of the building materials industry
Shishkin M.V.

Improving the efficiency of state and municipal management on the basis of monitoring strategies for socio-economic development
Bolshakov S.N.

Development of the regional economy and the concept of spatial development: a retrospective analysis
Molchanov I.N., Moltchanova N.P.

Tools of territorial development and in-vestment in the system of management of special economic and advanced development zones in the Russian Federation
Gileva I.S.

Public regulation of micro-entrepreneurship in the context of transformation of economic systems and the administrative reform in Russia
Kozubenko A.V.

Development of women’s entrepreneurship in Russia: Management analysis
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S.

Modeling and forecasting indicators of socio-economic development of the region
Yandybaeva N.V.

Cryptocurrency and its impact on the world economy on the example of bitcoin
Ushakova N.E.

Management tools entrepreneurial risks
Bunkovskiy D.V.

The mechanism of financing of budgetary institutions as a tool of ensuring the state budget security
Gomanova T.K., Lukyanova Z.A.

The maturity level assessment of the project activity organization in the executive authorities in the Russian Federation: analysis of the methodology
Ruchkin A.V., Shemetova N.K.

Methodical bases of assessment of social and economic conditions of organizational vandalism within the concept of risk management
Gavrilov D.E.

Modernization of the system of public-private partnership tendering criteria in the development of electricity supply infrastructure
Guseinov S.A., Boyarintsev B.I.

Conceptual bases of electronic public services: economic aspect
Eremeev S.V.

Peculiarities of investment policy in the region with agrarian and recreational specialization
Adzhikova A.S., Kancerov R.A., Shkolnikova N.N.

Regional peculiarities of estimation of effectiveness of state programs: the financial aspect
Gomanova T.K.

Trends of formation of a strategic planning system in the russian federation: regional aspect
Makovkina S.A.

Transformation factors of the russian labor market
Pozmogov A.I., Gergiev I.E., Zhelezova A.E., Gogichaeva K.E.

Analysis of the impact of tax burden and tax structure on economic growth: foreign experience
Kazakova M.V., Lysyuk M.V.

Clusters as institute of formation of territorial economic complexes of the country
Novikova Yu.O.

Methodological approaches to the content and structure of functions of state regulation of health care as economic activity in the national economy
Kachanova E.A., Tchevtayeva N.G., Zakharova E.N.

Assessment of economic trends in state property management in the context of global economic challenges to modern Russia
Nikanorova O.S.

Estimation of the efficiency of management of the state unitary enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region
Vassiljeva E.I., Udartsev N.S.

Overcoming the heterogeneity of the economic space as a factor in improving the quality of management of the economic development of territories
Karimov A.G., Aslayeva S.Sh., Gataullin R.F., Gaysina A.Sh.

The systematization of concepts of economic crisis in schools of economic thought: from the marxian economics to the post-keynesian economics
Kachanova E.A., Kinash A.E.

Resource potential of the territories of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Gulyaev P.V.

Analysis of cash flows of a budgetary institution as a way to control the effective use of budget funds
Gladkovskaya E.N., Maksimova T.V.

Development of women entrepreneurship: economic and social aspects
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S.

Evolution of the mechanism manadgement of foreign economic activity in the country and the Ural regions
Аndreeva E.L., Maslennikov M.I., Mislakova U.G.

The role of small business in the labor market in modern conditions
Ivanov A.V., Bagdasaryan M.A.

Marketing potential of the region. Prerequisites for the formation of marketing potential
Danilov N.A.

Implementation of participatory budgeting projects: the practice of information support
Krasilshchikov G.G., Troitskaya E.A., Marasanova I.V.

Strategic and innovative development of priority areas of agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Kovshov V.A., Lukyanova M.T.

Problems of development of the third sector of the Sverdlovsk region. The view from the inside
Mukhametov R.S., Kuzmina O.V.

Opportunities for the development of regional innovation strategies based on the principles of «smart specialization»
Repichev A.I., Tugachev L.V., Vorobyeva A.V., Avdeeva D.A.

The value of human capital of the regions on the basis of multi-criteria approach
Grachev S.A.

Pricing as a basic factor in the development of the construction industry
Anatoliev A.A.

Investment attractiveness of the national economy as a management object
Makhmudova M.M., Koroleva A.M.

Digitalization as a new factor of structural and organizational development of the forest industry (for example, the formation of the Sverdlovsk region's timber cluster)
Ramenskaya L.A., Mekhrentsev A.V., Starikov E.N.

Assessment of the transport infrastructure of the region
Tokhirov T.I.

Regional universities-industry interaction: new opportunities for business incubation
Ovchinnikova N.E.

How to reduce the cost for river cargo transportation
Grigoriev E.A., Varaksa A.M.

The organizational mechanism of interaction between the state and non-profit organizations in providing palliative care
Kulkova V.Yu.

Understanding transactions in the cryptual-sphere in the terms of the draft federal law "On digital financial assets"
Maksurov A.A.

The organizational and economic mechanism of typologicalization of russian regions on the basis of social and economic potential
Soboleva O.N., Makarova T.V.

Budgetary forecast of the municipal formation in the structure of strategic planning documents
Lapygin Yu.N., Tulinova D.V.

Development of digital technologies in economics and management: russian and foreign experience
Avdeeva I.L., Golovina T.A., Parakhina L.V.

Progressive technologies of management in the sphere of external state and municipal financial control
Sharin V.I., Kulkova I.A.

The venture capital process and the expanded reproduction of venture capital
Kasymov A.Sh.

Financial and economic aspects of discussion issues of measurement and evaluation of human capital
Ionova N.V.

The problem of maintainance the unity and separateness of the concept of state support of small business in agrarian sector of economy, implemented by the indicated program-target methods
Tlisheva N.A.

Improvement of project management in Russia
Dobrosotsky V.I.

Methodological aspects and instruments for developing the objectives of a company’s short-term and long-term financial policies
Tolkacheva N.A.

Financial reasons for the bankruptcy of russian enterprises
Smorodina E.A., Khimicheva Yu.V.

Strategic challenges for ensuring the quality of human resources in the context of the digital economy
Masalova Yu.A.

Problems and prospects of strategic planning (aspects of regional industrial policy)
Makovkina S.A., Dovbiy I.P.

Strategy of development of investment activity in conditions of uncertainty
Lytneva N.A., Polyanin A.V., Trofimov M.N.

The interaction between domestic tncs and socio-economic systems of the russian society: the aspect of the social contract
Maksimov I.O., Kovtun O.I., Filatov S.A.

Peculiarities of formation of the mission and image by subjects of external state and municipal financial control
Kulkova I.A., Sharin V.M.

The prospects of foreign economic activity development of russia: world trends and national specifics
Borisov D.A.

The organizational and economic mechanism of typologicalization of Russian regions on the basis of social and economic potential
Soboleva O.N., Makarova T.V.

Directions for ensuring import substitution and export-oriented production of beekeeping in the Republic of Tajikistan
Holikov M.G.

Management of sustainable development in terms inclusive growth and green economy
Lyaskovskaya E.A.

Dominates of effective development of foreign economic relations of the central asia regions with the countries of the eage in the conditions of the globalization process
Feklistov M.V.

Improved tools for realization of the strategies for the development of the defense industrial complex branches
Medvedev A.A.

Magnesium industry of Russia and China: retrospective analysis and management strategy
Popkov D.V., Kotsyubinskaya S.R., Kotsyubynsky V.A.

Working out the development strategy activities of potato industry in Vladimir region
Philimonova N.M., Kashitsina T.N., Lovkova E.S.

Classification records of the economic environment structure of bashkortostan republic in management decisions-making
Aslayeva S.Sh.

Assessment of the balance of social and economic interactions as a management tool for socio-economic space agglomeration
Ufimtseva T.V., Volchkova I.V., Danilova M.N., Shadeiko N.R., Podoprigora Yu.V., Seliverstov A.A.

Management of innovative development of the Russian Federation by assessing its dynamic parameters
Kholodnaya A.K.

Import substitution in the Russian economy: prospects for domestic food production
Bunkovskiy D.V.

Management tools of economic safety of the oil industry in the face of fluctuations in world oil prices
Brekhova U.V., Almosov A.P., Potomova S.A.

On the issue of the regulation of labor migration in the Russian economy
Makhmudova M.M.

Creation of a system of indicators to assess the integrated urban infrastructure development
Ufimtseva T.V., Volchkova I.V., Danilova M.N., Shadeiko N.R., Podoprigora Yu.V., Seliverstov A.A.

Management of agglomeration processes in Russia: content and specifics
Ufimtseva T.V., Volchkova I.V., Podoprigora Yu.V.

Infrastructure development of the Russian Arctic territories exploration in modern conditions
Kondral D.P., Morozov N.A.

Museum services system as an element of territorial marketing
Loginov M.P., Bodrova J.A.

The positive dynamic of wages of the population of the major industrial region as a result of anti-crisis management under the conditions of economic instability (exemplified by Chelyabinsk region)
Makhmudova M.M.

The model of the short-term forecasting of the level of gross municipal product in conditions of continuous change
Komarevtseva О.О., Lytneva N.A.

Specifics of management of labour productivity growth and costs reduction on the basis of equipment modernization
Voronina L.P., Tychkin D.S.

Algorithm of designing and development of the customer loyalty program in a commercial enterprise
Ruchkin A.V., Trofimova O.M.

Specific features of the national foreign trade activities management through the prism of the policy of protectionism and liberalism
Troyan I.A.

Problems and prospects of social development management of the Russian regions through public-private partnership
Akjulov R.I.

Public-private partnership as a management tool of social and economic development of municipalities
Pobedin A.A., Fedulov D.V.

Public-private partnership as an element of management system of investment potential development of industrial enterprises
Shvakov E.E.

Cluster development as a tool of improving economic management
Alkhimovitch I.N., Naidenov N.D.

Optimization of investment resources as a mechanism of the regional innovation reproduction management
Gundorova M.A., Fraimovich D.V., Moshnova V.A.

Methodical approach to assessing the urban infrastructure development based on the balanced system of indicators
Ufimtseva T.V., Volchkova I.V., Danilova M.N., Shadeiko N.R., Podoprigora Yu.V., Seliverstov A.A.

On the main trends of strategic development of efficiently balanced economies
Vladimirov S.A.

Designing algorithms of clustering processes management
Maslennikov M.I., Brykov S.S.

Analysis of factors affecting energy efficiency of the region: managerial aspect
Marchenko E.M., Belova T.D.

Theoretical-managerial aspects of museum services development
Loginov M.P., Bodrova J.A.

Rating assessment of territory potential as a basis for inter-regional equalization
Novikova K.A.

Performance analysis of business entities in municipal districts of the Rostov region: administrative aspect
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S.

Institutional problems of public management of the economy
Razorvin I.V., Rozhkov E.V.

Tax motivation in the system of labour activity management of the region: feasibility and efficiency
Snegiryova T.K.

Researching key factors of innovative activity development at the enterprise: social-administrative aspects
Kovalenko A.A.

On modern status of small business in the Ural federal area
Makhmudova M.M.

Comparing Profitability and Ranking of Technical Analysis Indicators Based on TOPSIS Technique
Ghobadi M., Ghobadi M., Heshmatpour M.

Individual property tax: special aspects of calculation and taxation within the managerial context
Ziryanova T.V., Ovchinnikova S.V.

Competitiveness factors of the Russian regions (as exemplified by the subjects of Volga Federal Districts)
Bannikov A.Yu.

Innovations in payroll management of a company (as exemplified by an enterprise of pipeline transport)
Bunkovskiy D.V.

Managing innovative subsystems development at meso-level
Tishkov S.V.

Interaction of the US political institutions with private sector in the context of confrontation between Bridas and Unocal oil companies for the tap pipeline project in 1995-1998
Kruglei I.I.

Simulation models of urban development: socio-economic and administrative aspects
Gafarova E.A., Gazizova K.A.

Management of tax field development in Russia
Lavrovskii B.L., Murzov I.A., Fyodorov A.A.

Strategic management as a tool for identifying and forming marketing capacity of socio-economic development of a large city
Razorvin I.V., Usova N.V., Kulikova E.S.

Inter-municipal cooperation in the RF: spatial specifics of development and management
Turgel I.D.

Anticrisis management as a particular case of systematic stabilization of business structures in the conditions of crisis
Saakova E.B., Saakov A.S., Egorova N.N.

Management of resources at an enterprise: implementation methods of rationing arrangements
Tarnovskaya Yu.S.

Methods of risk management in servicing companies
Guskova N.D., Ulyankin O.V.

Improvement of financial-economic self-sufficiency of municipal entities because of interaction with citizens and business
Andryukhin A.Yu., Mikhailov V.V.

National gastronomy as a factor of tourist offer development and tourism industry management
Vujachich V., Paunovich M.

Current status and prospects of mortgage lending market management in Russia
Koroleva A.M.

Foreign experience of innovative development of old industrial regions and possibilities of its use in Russia
Sobolev A.O.

On the issue of reforming a budgeting sector of economy in the sphere of education
Kot E.M., Ziryanova T.V.

Implementation problems with the system of international standards of financial accountability in Russia
Toropova I.V.

Innovative energy policy on development of renewable energy sources in Latin America and the Caribbean
Nikitina A.S., Ibarra P.Ch.

Analyzing modernization potential of a federal district through a complex of indicators
Mishchenko Z.V., Fraimovich D.V., Мorozova O.V.

The problems of public management of fishery complex of the far Eastern basin
Кotov N.M.

Improvement of the system of regional management of beet sugar growing in Nizhny Novgorod region in the context of the need to ensure food security of the region
Мansurov R.E.

Specific features of the effective administrative process and workflow in SMEs in Russia, exemplified by a food store
Bogatkina M.S., Кreknin D.V.

Macro prudential regulation on the Ukrainian financial market and its influence on investing development
Kulpinskiy S.V.

Conceptual approach to risk analysis within the context of management of cities and business development
Alkhimovitch I.N., Pavlova O.V.

Iceland economic model of attracting and managing internal investments
Tukhtarova E.H.

Utilization of information-communication technologies in management of industrial enterprises (methodological tools of efficiency assessment)
Ermakova Zh.A., Pergunova O.V.

System of economic-mathematical indices for decision-making on stimulation of small business of the federal district
Gundorova M.A., Mishchenko Z.V., Fraimovich D.V.

Application of simulation modelling as a means of analysis and controlling the activity of energy generating companies (exemplified by LLC “Gazprom Energyholding”)
Fedorov D.V., Chichkanov V.P.

Risk assessment in developing strategic alliances of the Arctic region development in Russia: methodological and managerial aspect
Kondral D.P., Morozov N.A.

Formation of managerial basis as a foundation of nature conservation in the epoch of the Arctic region reclamation
Malygina N.V.

Trends and specific features of the Russian open national innovation system development: managerial aspect
Avdeev P.A.

Principles and methods of interregional project management
Loginov M.P., Murinovich A.A.

Strategic urban development: marketing approach
Gladysheva Ya.S.

Managing reorganization of energy sector enterprises: backgrounds and consequences analysis
Fedorov D.V.

Formation of spatial paradigm of green economy (exemplified by the recreational region of Russia): managerial aspect
Dovgotko N.A.

Improvement of factor analysis of profits as a tool of holding company management
Kovalevskaya E.A.

Creating the model of strategic management of an enterprise (exemplified by a logistics company)
Bunkovskiy D.V.

Managing profitable educational institutions: comparative experience of the Ural federal district
Kachanova E.A., Kuznetsova E.V.

. Investment matrix as a basis of inter-regional cooperation (exemplified by Siberian Federal Area)
Kiselyova A.M., Samodinskiy K.A.

System-based characteristics of ratings containing assessment of entrepreneurial and investing climate: ranking of Russia
Knyazeva I.V., Bondarenko I.V.

Assessment of motivating and stimulating influence of social allowances for development of sole proprietorship of the region
Snegiryova T.K.

Development strategy of a medical organization in an updating period
Krivenko N.V., Kozlova O.A., Kuznetsova N.L.

To the problem of evaluation of the role of state in the process of market economy development
Abramov R.A.

On structural efficiency of the balanced macroeconomic system and directions of its development
Vladimirov S.A.

Theoretical and practical aspects of applying the norms of the antimonopoly legislation on the ban for combining functions of business entities and powers of public bodies
Istomin V.G.

Monitoring and methods of assessing the level of socially responsible activities of machine-building enterprises
Sukhoterina M.I.

Innovative directions of modern tourism industry formation in Russia
Voskolovitch N.A., Nikolaev-Pasukhin S.I.

Assessment of strategies and programs in the system of state planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nigmetov K.K.

Russian-Kazakhstan border areas: current status and development problems
Bozhko L.L.

Resource management as the basis of inter-regional economic integration
Saralidze A.M., Donichev O.A.

Innovative potential of a region: current state, problems, development goals
Kostko N.A.

Brand management method at the regional consumer market
Vereteno A.A.

New mechanisms of evaluating investment projects of territorial development
Ilin A.S.

Marketing in the commercial venture management system
Kapustina L.M., Feldman E.M.

Trans-nationalization of business as an objective factor of applying international standards of financial reporting
Bakalova V.I.

The influence of bankruptcy processes in farming sector on major macroeconomic indices
Legalov V.A., Razorvin I.V.

Labor productivity at a metallurgical plant (exemplified by Closed Joint Stock Company Uralcord)
Voronina L.P., Zaitseva A.G.

Ecological and economic assets and their reflection in the system of modern accounting
Sergeyeva E.A.

Evaluation of customers’ satisfaction as an efficiency index of an industrial enterprise activity
Babenkova A.V.

State regulation and organization forms of innovative development of industrial enterprises
Yershova I.V., Kopytov I.V.

On the problem of innovative clusters development in the regional economy
Trofimova O.M.

Makhmudova M.M.

Level of enterprise competitiveness as a basic result of effectiveness of resources utilization
Bartkova N.N., Krupina N.N.

Economic aspects of managing integrity of an industrial enterprise
Krylatkov P.P.

The problems and perspectives of city marketing
Ritsher O.V.

Formation of demand management mechanisms at the market of the city of Vladivostok
Pavlenko V.V., Tereshchenko N.S.

Methodical aspesctsof the internal marketing in service industry
Lisetchko N.A.

The problems of managing financial potential of enterprises in the field of tourism from the point of competitiveness
Izrailev A.A., Korotina N.Ju.

Specific features of carrying out swot analysis in market research of the russian enterprises
Ivanova E.A.

The problems of defining customs value of the imported into the rf goods under "DAF" terms of delivery
Chernonozhkin S.V.