Labor and civil law. Social security law

Protection of personal data in labor relations: sertain problems
Stanskova U.M.

Priority of an employee’s health protection as a condition of an ideal correlation of social and productive function of labor law
Viklyuk A.M., Ivantchina Yu.V.

On the question of the notion and meaning of social standards in the sphere of labor and social security
Bondareva E.S.

Social risk of disability and methods of its compensation: effectiveness of the working legislation
Istomina E.A.

Theory of defects in labor law
Zhiltsov M.A.

Implementation of international principles of labor law in the acts of the EurAsEc member states exemplified by social partnership (participation in strikes)
Nushtaikina K.V.

Determination of labor experience: topical issues of law inforcement
Menkenov A.V.

Social work within the context of legal regulation
Vidrin I.V., Vidrina I.I.

On the question of social risks classification
Istomina E.A.

Cancellation of a labor agreement in connection with changing the owner of the organization property: problems of interaction between labor and civil legislation
Golovina S.Yu., Maifait A.V.

About some problems of social security of the RF judges
Vasilyeva A.S.

Peculiarities of labor law status of medical workers in modern conditions
Zhiltsova Yu.V.

Systematization of legislation on social security: foreign experiens
Istomina E.A., Kuznetsov D.S., Silkina E.A., Shaikhatdinov B.Sh.

Some principles of legal regulation of payments for employees of educational institutions
Kozina E.V.

Legal nature of separate measures of responsibility for law violation on competition protection
Istomin V.G.

On the question of the respect to the functions of labor law
Ivantchina Yu.V.

About legal regulation of young cadre for civil servants in foreign countries
Dyomin А.А.

About legal regulation of young cadre for civil servants in foreign countries
Dyomin А.А.