Theory and history of state and law

Interaction of the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation and the organs of the judiciary
Plotnikova A.E.

Paternalism of Soviet constitutions
Polyakovskaya N.M.

Staff provision of justice system in the urals and the western siberia in the middle of xix century
Voropanov V.A.

The civil right of chernigovskaya and poltavskaya provinces in russia in the first part of the xix century: sources and institutions
Taraborin R.S.

Ural-kuzbass: between intention and realization. a view from another century
Feldman M.A.

The system of public administration of the defense-industrial complex in the middle urals in 1957-1965
Budanov A.V.

The procedure of substituting public posts of the princely administration of Ancient Russia vested with police authority
Bobrov A.M.

The judicial establishment in the Ural and Western Siberia in 1780–1796: social profile, professional image
Voropanov V.A.

To the question of the civil legislation system of Russia in the first part of the 19 th century: the correlation of imperial and regional legislations
Taraborin R.S.

Public councils in Russia and France in the first quarter of the 19th century
Taraborina Y.V.

Strengthening of the legal and political status of the Bessarabian region as part of the Russian empire: experience in applying constitutionalism
Krasnyakov N.I.

The system of training academic staff at russian universities under the universities statuses1863 and 1884
Ivkina T.V., Podolskaya I.A.

Power and population in the russian province: experience of cooperation in provincial bodies of power and court (the last quarter of XVIII century)
Voropanov V.A.

Search of ways and systematization of the empire legislation in Russia of the first half of XIX century
Vafina O.P., Krasnyakov N.I.