Regional and municipal economy

The concept of local budget and methods to ensure its balance
Skurikhina T.G.

The role of industry in filling the budget of the region (on the example of steel kemerovo oblast)
Lavrovskii B.L., Novikov N.I., Podyapolskii D.V.

Place of municipalities in the regional innovation system of the Tomsk region
Nazarova E.A.

Interaction between government and business as a factor of socio-economic development of the region
Bidjiev A.S., Shamarova G.M.

The role of territorial segmentation of health care in the region's economy
Krivenko N.V.

On the problem of a test purchase of public services in a region (using infor-mation on ulyanovsk region)
Lapin E.A., Khairov D.R.

Implementation of new mechanisms for raising efficiency of budget expenses on a municipal level
Bystritskaya O.N.

National regulation mechanism of innovative entrepreneurship in the city service sector
Medzhidov A.I.

Perspectives of the development of land relations in project “Great Yekaterinburg”
Mikhailov A.A.

Transformation of the flow and integration of the main problems of the ural federal area in the international labor market
Orudzhiyeva A.G.

New approaches to the formation of a model of innovative development of rural territories
Ogloblin A.A., Polbitsin S.N., Polbitsyna L.G.

Purpose and direction of the municipal fiscal policy in a budget reform
Kachanova E.A.

Monocities of saratov region: social-economic problems and growth potential
Gusev V.V.

Assessment of long-term consequences of coal-mining industry restructuring in the Western Europe regions
Kuritseva Yu.E., Turgel I.D.

Network approach to cities development management: basic terms, key statements, ways of application
Meteleva E.R.

Experience of regional development regulation in Kazakhstan republic
Moroy A.V.

Organizational-economic mechanism for management of regional service cluster
Shnyakina Yu.R.

Methodological recommendations for diagnosis and analysis of clusters in economy of an old industrial region
Trofimova O.M.

State regional policy and its role in the management of social-economic development of macro-region (exemplified by the Southern and North-Caucasian federal districts)
Moltchanova N.P.

Trends and problems of retailing development in big cities of the Ural region
Turgel I.D., Usova N.V.

Assessment of effectiveness of government programs contributing employment in settlements
Kondrashova I.A.

Principal directions of municipal anti-crisis economic policy
Tselishcheva E.F.

Methods of municipal property control in urban districts: problems and perfection trends
Mikhailov A.G.