Enterprise management

The need for management consulting in the digitalization of Russian business
Gergiev I.E., Zhelezova A.E., Pozmogov A.I.

Intangible assets as a factor affecting the capitalization and investment attractiveness of fuel and energy companies
Loseva O.V.

Improving the management of client flows in the banking sector
Molodeckaya S.F., Molodezky V.S.

Influence of industry factors on the formation of capitalization of oil companies (on the materials of domestic oil companies)
Almosov A.P., Brekhova U.V., Shuralev D.A.

Features of marketing in the market of radio-electronic products
Pirozhok A.V.

Priority directions of advance of services of the fitness center in the market of the large city
Gergelezhiu Y.G., Usova N.V.

Audit problems in business
Kolchin E.Yu., Kolchina N.O.

Management of the material-technical and financial condition of enterprises in the conditions of macroeconomic instability
Makhmudova M.M.

Working with complaints in the hospitality industry
Nikolenko P.G.

Systematization of the functions of internal control of funds in the management of integrated agro-industrial formation
Lytneva N.A., Petrova Yu.M.

Intellectual training system for municipal customers as a cognitive tool for minimizing the Dunning-Kruger effect
Morozova A.I.

Improvement of KSUP at machine-building enterprises
Loginov M.P., Seleznev K.R.

Framework of concepts and formation of the mechanism of the robust control of economic systems
Alekseev M.A., Tropin A.A., Freydina E.V.

Organizational changes in terms of autopoiesis
Bekarev A.M., Tyurina N.I.

Investigation of investment risks of the startup project by fuzzy modeling method
Molodeckaya S.F., Pozharskaya G.I.

Multi-orginating transactions of securitization: problems and prospects of application
Potomova S.A.

Innovation development prospects for high-tech organization in Asian foreign markets (the case of security printing industry)
Sayapina K.V., Startseva A.A.

Practices of social partnership in state and non-state sectors of employment in modern Russia
Sorokin N.S.

Management of enterprise activity with the help of modern information systems
Shitova T.F.

Methods of minimization of risks of the enterprise
Bunkovskiy D.V.

Relevance, directions and mechanisms for integrating mediation into the corporate governance system of russian companies
Ostrovskii A.N., Sventitskene L.V.

Budanov A.V.

Synergetic nature of human capital as a factor of efficient management
Petkova T.A., Skorobogackii V.V.

Multi aspects of the category "competitiveness of the higher education", approaches and methods of managing the competitiveness of the higher education
Kolchina N.O., Leonenko E.A.

Principles of applied analytics: methodological aspects
Lyakhovenko O.I.

Maturity assessment of project management
Loginov M.P., Markov O.A.

Management of security processes: the theory and methodology aspects
Belov P.G.

Complex assessment of efficiency of use of production resources of the enterprise on the basis of use of a method of standard dynamics of indicator
Grass E.Yu.

The innovational management in the administrative management strategies and practice of the modern russian political elite: the possibilities and the reality
Pokatov D.V.

Domestic view on motivation of management staff
Akifiev I.V., Ponomareva I.K.

Value-based management: a method for analyzing hierarchies
Botnaryuk M.V., Timchenko N.Yu.

Theoretical and practical aspects of the material and technical support of the restaurant of LLC «Plakuchaya iva»
Nikolenko P.G.

Ethical issues of business communication in modern Russia
Kudryavtseva M.Ye., Semyonova L.M.

The methodological approach to the definition of economic security based on the perception of risk
Karginova V.V.

Сhoice of production structure as a factor of development of market potential
Koltakova G.V.

Opportunities for managing conditions of competitiveness in oil transportation in modern conditions
Grinevich Yu.A., Ivankovsky S.L., Lezina G.A.

The concept of indicative planning of working capital in the management of integrated agro-industrial enterprises
Petrova Yu.M.

Системный подход к проектной деятельности
Molodeckaya S.F.

Project management: main definitions and approaches
Ruchkin A.V., Trofimova O.M.

The phenomen of opportunism middle management personnel in the network organization of work performers
Startsev Yu.N., Taradanov A.A.

Quality management of education in corporate higher education: model of estimation of activity of teachers
Kireeva N.A., Kuznetsova S.I.

Key competencies of the universities top management (analysis of foreign practices)
Ovchinnikova N.E.

Problems of marketing in the domestic education system
Melkova O.V.

The management of the creative team in the modern theatre: sociological analysis
Ilyinykh S.A., Shavrukova M.R.

Information base for developing the model of innovative activity management of an economic entity
Zhaivoron E.V.

Revenue analysis of small and medium enterprises in Russia: management aspect
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S.

Building a structural-discursive algorithm of the process to provide economic stability of meat processing enterprises
Chernyakova I.S.

Development of the human capital of the company in the conditions of post-industrial economy
Abolentseva N.O., Botnaryuk M.V.

Evaluation of the competitiveness criteria of the product by the method of fuzzy sets in the medium of Mathcad
Molodeckaya S.F., Pozharskaya G.I.

Sociological analysis of the educational services market in the period of 2016 enrollment campaign as a tool to assess the quality management policy at university
Avralev N.V., Еfimova I.N., Makoveychuk A.V.

Marketing communications management in the field of audit services provision
Markiv D.V., Razorvin I.V.

Methodical aspects of comprehensive assessment of investment projects efficiency
Novoskoltseva Yu.Yu., Shemetova N.K.

On the issue of the essence of project financing
Loginov M.P., Sobina N.V.

The dichotomy of market and embedded social relations as a factor of formation and development of cluster-network organizations
Chuprov K.K.

Methods of the in-depth analysis of the organizational culture of an enterprise
Mikhnenko P.A.

Introduction of controlling as a factor of competitiveness growth of aircraft manufacturing enterprises
Nikolaev V.A., Chuvashlova M.V.

Improving the model of enterprise innovative potential assessment: economic and managerial aspects
Kovalenko A.A., Parshikov D.M.

Analyzing business models of companies producing high-tech products and prospects of their transformation exemplified by the genetic research market
Bogdanov A.M.

Flexible operation modes as an anti-crisis technology of industrial enterprise personnel management
Saranchuk S.Yu.

Reducing non-payment risks through factoring
Belyakova A.I., Toropova I.V.

Researching assessment criteria of innovative activity of business organizations
Golubev A.A., Mokhnatkina E.V.

Administrative methods of economic thinking of managers
Bohunov L.A.

Network mechanism of competent personnel management
Startsev Yu.N., Taradanov A.A.

Marketing research: corporate competitiveness management
Butko G.P., Porotnikov P.A.

The role of CSR in the formation of social-labor relations in modern organizations
Vitik S.V., Ritter I.V.

Сравнительный анализ корпоративной социальной ответственности российских и иностранных нефтегазовых компаний на территории Арктической зоны Российской Федерации (на примере Ямало-Ненецкого автономного округа)
Kovrigina T.A., Kostko N.A.

Specific features of workspace quality management in public bodies
Alekseeva K.S., Voronina L.P.

Managers and owners of business-organizations about the orientation of the Bashkortostan students to work in the field of small and medium business
Elagina R.N., Kostina N.B.

Planning and control of monitoring scheduled activities as a key element of managing the main department of the RF ministry of justice in the Sverdlovsk region
Startseva E.N.

The concept and main contents of goals and objectives of the administrative activity in the RF prosecutor’s authorities
Strelnikov V.V.

Environmental analysis of public organizations: concept, methods, problems
Klimova A.V.

Managing the university-enterprise interaction at training in-demand specialists at labour market
Kalugina D.A., Klimova G.G.

Problems of corporate governance technologies implementation in modern university
Bozhko L.L., Gabdullina L.D., Nayzabekov A.B.

Planning and analysis of supporting business operation as important functions of business-processes management at an enterprise
Tarnovskaya Yu.S.

Improvement of accounting, inventory management and control on enterprises
Baidybekova S.K.

Assessment of versions of integrational cooperation in the bread production chains (exemplified by Orenburg region)
Andreyeva T.V., Ermakova Zh.A.

Development of integrated management system as an innovation project at fuel and petrochemical refinery
Bunkovskiy D.V.

Development of methodical approach towards the assessment of resources potential of the enterprises in the forest industry sector
Duyzen E.Yu.

Application of mathematical machinery of goal achievement problem theory for the assessment of potential level of business development
Frum O.L.

Research of service industry competitiveness (exemplified by catering business)
Setenyova O.N., Cheimetova V.A.

Formation of the venture capital sources system
Kuznetsova M.N.

Conditions of developing corporate culture in organizations
Pesha A.V.

Risk management in road transport companies
Tokhirov T.I.

Specific expenses calculation in conditions of accounting process standardization
Tarnovskaya Yu.S.

Grading system as a tool of the «Uralkali - Repair» personnel labor management
Voronina L.P., Yazeva M.A.

Professional group event managers: a sociological analysis
Startseva N.N.

Strategy of a company: concept of integration of automated analytics
Sizyakov E.I., Snegiryova T.K.

Gender peculiarities of small business in Russia: on the issue about the degree of problem development
Yudina А.А.

Application of imitating modeling for analysis of activity of electricity generating companies (exemplified by LLC “Gazprom Energoholding”)
Fedorov D.V.

Structural-functionalist paradigm as the theoretical foundation of management corporate education
Kliman S.V., Kostin V.A.

Labor resources in Russia: quality problems
Mikhalitsina Yu.V., Ryabkov V.A.

Methodological principles of forming the evaluation model of steady development of knowledge-intensive production
Fyodorova L.A.

Learning alliance as the organizational form of new knowledge creation for improving the competitiveness of the steel companies
Budlyanskaya D.D., Vyshegorodskiy D.V.

Productive potential of a machine-building enterprise as a monitoring object in market economy
Sukhoterina M.I.

Students’ training for team-work as an upcoming trend of economic growth
Okuneva V.S.

Strategic alliances as an opportunity to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the steel industry
Vyshegorodskiy D.V.

Improving the competitive advantages of banking services
Loginov M.P., Loginova O.N.

Modern approaches to the theory of marketing interaction
Larkina N.G.

Innovative projects management on the shop floor using the criterion of economic stability retention
Suleimanova Yu.M.

Comparative analysis of the practices of monitoring the activities of financial organizations
Polushina O.S.

Social and economic aspect of the “Labor” category
Sukhova O.V.

Analysis on personnel appraisal activity in retrospective
Platonova N.A.

A new approach for modeling of marketing communications in advancing on capital goods
Tikhonova E.E.

Development of a model of strategic planning of the business units based on fuzzy control technology
Molodeckaya S.F.

Market-oriented transformation process stimulating environmental management in the recreational systems
Medyanik N.V.

Defining the role of crisis management in organization management system
Tsyplenkova M.V.

Management Instrumentation profitability of aggregate assets of the enterprise
Bartkova N.N., Kuricyn A.V., Saakova E.B.

Servisization as the current trend of development of the services sector
Kotlyarov I.D.

Terminological analysis of the notion “organization structure of management”
Kozlova K.A.

Typology of organizational structure as a basic corporate institute
Isopeskul O.Y.

Principles of building the image of an organization
Shubarina K.S.

Arrangement of protection against seizures as a component of economic security of a company
Balashov A.I.

Assessment of social effectiveness of personnel management in hotel business companies in Moscow
Zhukov I.M.

Formation of the methodology of controlling the strategic potential of industrial enterprises
Petrov P.A.

Standartization of the process of customer’s service as an instrument of competitive advantages creation
Ivanova E.A.

The organizational forms and methods of management in the network of implementation of trade-marketing programs at a venture of the regional alcohol scope
Kareva E.S.

Complex of diagnostic procedures to monitor financial conditions of commercial organisations
Sergeyeva E.A., Sologubova N.A.

Theoretical aspects of marketing management in higher education
Shemetova N.K.

Optimization of an industrial process at enterprises of small and medium entrepreneurship and its effectiveness in overcoming the crisis
Pak A.B.

Peculiarities of making stable competitive advantages for retailing enterprises in conditions of the consumer’s market power
Ivanova E.A.

The theoretical basics of marketing concept of involving consumers into interaction with a brand
Okolnishnikova I.A.

The experience of the Central electrotechnical laboratory “MMK” JSC on applying a system of fringe benefits and supplements to wages and salaries
Voronina L.P., Dubov E.N.

Improving the regulation and pay as management tools performance of industrial enterprises
Yershova I.V., Markova J.N.

The system of information analysis support of amortization policy in the current context
Bartkova N.N., Krupina N.N.