State regulation of economy

State management of regional economic development based on the cluster-oriented model of economic growth
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Use of the rank correlation analysis in the investigation of the interaction of innovative potential and investment attractiveness of the federal districts of the Russian Federation
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Mesocluster organization as a special form of management of territorial development
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Methodical approaches to the evaluation of differentiation in the level of socio-economic development of municipalities of the metropolitan area
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Evaluation of investment activity impact on regional debt policy of a territory
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Theories and tools of counter-cyclical control of regional economic systems
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On the relationship of investment activity and debt securities of the russian regions
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Strategy management small business in the region
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Managing the evolution of regional agro-industrial complex based on rankings of basic food self-sufficiency (on the example of the Tyumen region)
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Political and technological aspects of state regulation of the russian heavy industry development during the financial and economic crisis
Utenkov G.N., Gorshkov E.A.

Industrialization: the strategic imperative or call «back to the future»
Goncharov G.A.

On the efficiency assessment of the budgetary process structuring on the territory of the Russian federation subject in the context of limited financial resources
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State regulation of territories with special organizational-legal and economic status in the Russian federation: challenges and prospects
Kolesnikova K.L.

Foresight study “recommendations for the management of municipal debt» as an effective mechanism for the management of municipal entity economy
Komarevtseva О.О.

Instruments and methods of government influence on the citizens’ behavior in financial market
Kondratyeva O.E.

Capacity and elaboration assessment of main directions of the Kostroma region development
Orlov E.V.

Opportunities for extending russian participation in APEC activities in social and economic development
Kuznetsova A.E.

Public procurement as an expansion area of foreign economic interaction between Russia and the Asia-Pacific economies
Ponomareva O.V.

Analysis of modern tendencies in protectionism development withinthe context of trajectory of the previous development
Bodnarchuk T.L.

Fiscal deficit, ways and methods of its overcoming in Ukrain
Nechayuk I.B.

Objectives, contradictions and dynamics of implementation of the course of innovative modernization of social-economic systems
Fraimovich D.V.

Analysis of the modern electric power industry structure
Gibadullin A.A.

Analysis of key indicators of the regulated securities market in the Republic of Armenia
Bagdasaryan A.M.

On the need to develop the agrofood policy in the region
Maltsev N.V.

Innovations in the law on contract system in the field of goods, works and services procurement for state and municipal needs
Polbitsyna L.G.

Antitrast requirements for granting public and municipal preferences
Istomin V.G.

Public-private partnership as a new type of relations in the agrobusiness sector for the Ukraine
Ivanova N.E.

Methodology for assessing performance objectives and functions of the central bank of the Russian Federation
Kachanova E.A., Krasnogor V.B.

Corruption in public procurement: problems and solutions
Poroshin S.A.

Principles of building a federal contract system in the Russian Federation
Famieva K.I.

Multivariate analysis of the development of the energy sector in the federal districts of the Russian Federation
Fedorov D.V.

The genesis of the small and medium enterprises in the Russian Federation
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S.

Cycles of solar activity as the basis of inflation and unemployment cycles
Belkin V.A., Grimov A.V.

The democratization of state property
Trifonov E.V.

Pendular labor migration: state regulation or market self-regulation
Maltseva E.S.

Dynamics of relative prices of the consumer market of Russia, structural and ratchet effects of inflation
Malkina M.U.

Short-term forecasting of consumer prices index on the basis of its periodic fluctuations
Belkin V.A.

Main approaches to reforming antimonopoly legislation of Russia in the context of harmonising international competing standards
Voitsekhovich A.A.

The policy of competition protection and entrepreneurship support in the municipal markets
Knyazeva I.V.

The globalisation impact on setting new approaches to carrying out the antimonopoly policy
Lukashenko O.A.

Government antimonopoly control over takeover, ownership interest and business property
Istomin V.G.