Power and society

The search for ontological grounds of legal being through the prism of all-unity philosophy
Treushnikov I.A., Rotanova M.B.

Features of the reform as a kind of state changes: the experience of implementing administrative reform in modern Russia
Sonina E.O.

Between February and October. (Whether Ural mirror the revolutions of 1917 in Russia?)
Feldman M.A.

Model "Management activity is the human organism" in Russian and an engloyal management discourse
Yudina O.L.

«Red lines» of ideology and the ideology of «red lines» (modern russian power in search of conservatism)
Loskutov V.A.

Political strategizing in the Arctic zone of Russia as a mechanism of steady growth
Kondral D.P.

Institutes of state control over religion in post-Soviet Buryatiya
Belkova A.A.

Peculiarities of territorial division and self-government system in the United States of America
Balynskaya N.R.

Power and population: aspects of cooperation on a municipal level
Zaborova E.N.

Teenagers as a subject and object of informational process
Lebedeva S.V.

Experience of pacific settlement of armed conflicts between the power and the opposition in the Southern Urals region in 1920-1922
Pankin S.I.

Civil society in modern Russia, problems of formation and functioning
Kruchinin V.N.

Axiological characteristics of law as means of legal culture democratization in the Ukrainian society
Karas’ A.G.

Public administration transparency and crowdsourcing as factors of Russia's economy development
Sholdyshev V.M.

of powers: specific features and problems
Baluckaya G.A.

Modern society: dialectics of management and regulation
Antoshin V.A.

The birth of political space: from physical image to dynamic system
Gurary E.M.

The Russian specifics of forming a political image
Semina M.S.

Analysis of formal awarding institutions and informal awarding practices in the present day Russia
Pestova G.A., Ruchkin A.V.

the issue of hybrid forms of government in modern world
Mironenko P.V.

Soviet and Russian state: similarities and differences
Yershov Yu.G.

Principles of simulation and transformation of ideological paradigm of a political process
Postol E.E.

Liberals’ opinion on a defining role of a law supremacy principle in establishing a legal state
Karipov B.N.

Managerial discourse as a particular type of institutional discourse (linguistic aspect)
Yudina O.L.

Society of knowledge - myth or reality? Estimates of foreign researchers
Filippovskaya T.V.

Sociological analysis of generations: scientific heritage and modern situation
Vlasova O.I.

The EU and the Russian Federation interrelations in the field of applying the human rights value system
Korbat F.E.

Perspectives and institutional platform for the RF national policy development after 2012
Trusov M.A.

Public opinion on the criminal situation in the republic of North Ossetia - Alania of the North-Caucasian federal district of the Russian Federation
Dzutsiev Kh.V., Tsopanova A.Yu.

Improvement of relations between civil society and state
Abirov M.S.

Internal political image of Ukraine as a tool to manage public opinion
Semtchenko A.A.

Electoral expectations of population as a factor of influence on formation of power bodies
Veretennikov A.S.

Mass-media in management of reputational regional capital
Bolshakov S.N., Grigoryev A.N.

Research of mass culture in foreign sociology
Khoroshkevitch N.G.

Ethnonational and national features of formation and functioning of the executive power institution in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Korea: common and specific features
Мikhaleva I.V.

Approaches to the targeted programs assessment in the russian practice
Мinchenko O.S.

Gender statistics as a reflection of the social problems of men and women in the modern russian society
Permyakova T.V.

Rationality and management of a social organization. A postnonclassical (universum) approach
Trufanov D.O.

Comparative study of the metaphorical model "management - a mechanism and a tool" in the russian and anglo-american managerial discourse
Yudina O.L.

Social audit professional competence of civil servants
Vassiljeva E.I., Zerchaninova T.E.

Partijno-political opposition in modern Russia: a condition and development prospects
Pronichev V.A.

Features of management in the tourism industry in modern conditions
Chepras N.G.

Functioning of legal information in mass-media of the global world
Balynskaya N.R.

Electoral behavior of the youth: why don’t young people go to the polls?
Betekhtina A.V., Olukhov N.V.

Consumer-related behavior: theoretical and methodological basics for its study
Karmanov A.A., Piskunova L.P.

About rationality of a social organization from the point of view of universum sociological theory of rationality
Trufanov D.O.

Comparative dynamics of human resources reproduction in industrial regions of the ural federal region
Akjulov R.I.

Legal regulation of interrelation among political subjects in Russia at a modern stage of development
Borisov A.N.

Monopolism in the modern russian politics (causal analysis)
Novikov D.V.

Extremism and tolerance in socio-cultural worldview: place and role in social relations
Andronov I.S., Egorov M.I.

The origins of civil society as an economic category, its influence on economic processes management
Subbotin V.O.

Reform and strategic planning in government administration: a comparative analysis
Kostin V.A., Kostina N.B.

The problems of social policy development regarding elderly people
Kuvshinova O.A.

Specific features of the public family policy implemented by «Edinaya Rossiya» party in the period of 2004-2012
Тitov D.M.

On the essence and dynamics factors of the state awards in modern russia: institutional analysis
Pestova G.A., Ruchkin A.V.

Diagnostics of managerial competence of the civil servants in belgorod region
Тurchanina Yu.A.

Skills development for the innovation economy: problems and solutions
Kolegova E.D., Mavrina I.N., Mokronosov A.G., Fedorov V.A., Hamatnurov F.T.

The national aspect of socio-political life of the autonomous regions of southern siberia (1985-1991)
Reutov E.V.

Risk and uncertainty in the political decision-making process
Yalmanov N.I.

Optimization of laboratory and diagnostic services in the subject of the russian federation (on the example of the tyumen region)
Kulikova I.B., Lebedevа D.I., Minevcev S.V.

Institutionalization of state-corporation: problem statement
Skorobogackii V.V.

The reform of public administration and services: democratization or bureaucratization? (experience of post-soviet reforms)
Loskutov V.A.

Democratizing society: unifying paradigm as a factor in increasing the management efficiency
Ivanchuk N.V.

European practice of citizenship education development
Suslov A.B.

Specifics of the modern political discourse development: the implication of the metaphorical term making
Nezhdanov D.V.

Efficient public management in social sector: sociological research
Ozornina Yu.P.

Theoretical-methodological analysis of the “xenophobia” notion
Petukhova T.N.

Theoretical framework of researching the role of universities in political socialization of the russian youth
Mokshaev V.B., Salamin E.E.