Regulations on the procedure of reviewing the original author's articles (materials)

submitted for publication in a scientific journal editors

"Management issues".


1. The publication of scientific articles in the journal "Management issues" implies a mandatory peer review of manuscripts submitted by authors.


2. Article accepted for consideration only if it meets the requirements to the author the original article (material), posted on the website of the journal " Management issues " in the " To authors".


3. All materials must be open. The restrictive neck serves as a basis for rejection of the material from the open publication.


4. To the Editor should be submitted printed and electronic identical to the original author in Russian. The package of documents provided by the author, must contain the following information:

  • Text of the article,
  • Profile of the author.

In addition, the author has the right to provide a review of the doctor or PhD certified in the personnel department of the company, which employs a reviewer.


5. printed manuscript copyright materials sent to the editorial offices: 620990, Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg, 8 marta street, 66, office 114, in electronic form - are sent by e-mail: For more information call tel: (343) 251-78-48. Documents sent by e-mail (without a printed version of the documents mentioned in the list) are not considered.


6. Article logged executive secretary in the log entries with the date of receipt, name, name author/s, places of work of the author / s. Article is assigned a unique registration number. This information also included in the database.


7. Procedures for review


Subject to peer review all manuscripts received by the editorial board to publish. An exception may be:

  1. a manuscript authored by academicians of RAS;
  2. manuscripts, specially commissioned by the editors;
  3. materials reference character, reviews, ratings, comments, etc.


8. Reviewing manuscripts is done in 2 stages:

1st stage - a rapid assessment of the manuscript to the requirements for materials aimed for publication in the journal "Issues of control" and the existence of borrowing from public sources (check is performed using a system Texts from borrowing more than 15% can not be published in the journal. Rapid assessment of the manuscript carries the executive secretary of the scientific journal within 10-working days after receipt of the manuscript in the editorial office.

2nd stage -retsenzirovanie.

The review is organized by the editorial board. The chief editor sends the article for review to two members of the Editorial Board or external reviewers, supervising the appropriate direction. Evaluation of articles is carried out on a "double-blind" peer review.


The reviewer should consider the scientific article within 30 days of receipt and send it to the editor (by e-mail, mail) a reasoned opinion on the scientific publication. If the review contains recommendations for improving and finalizing the copyright material, the executive secretary of the scientific journal sends the text to the author reviews the proposal to consider the recommendations in the preparation of a new version of the manuscript.


Article aimed author of the editorial board after the removal of the comments addressed in general terms. The logbook is a mark of the date of receipt of a new version of the article.


9. After receiving the reviews at the next meeting of the Editorial Board discusses the articles received and the final decision based on the assessment review of the publication or to refuse to publish articles. On the basis of the decision to the author / s be sent a letter (by e-mail, mail) on behalf of the executive secretary of the editorial board. In a letter to an overall assessment of the article if the article may be republished in revised / taking into account comments - provides recommendations for revision / removal of comments if the article is not accepted for publication - the reasons for such a decision.


10 articles in scientific journals are published in the order of priority recommended by the editorial board.


11. The original reviews should be stored in the magazine for one year from the date of publication.


12. The editors have the right to not accept copyrighted material for publication in the following cases:

  • Non-compliance with the rules of the authors of the manuscript,
  • Identify elements of plagiarism
  • Inconsistency of the material subject of the scientific journal,
  • The presence of a negative evaluation of the resulting reviewer on copyrighted material.


13. Revision does not store manuscripts not accepted for publication. Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned. Manuscript received a negative evaluation of the reviewer, not be published and will not be returned to the author.


14. The publication shall review all incoming materials to the editor corresponding to its category, with a view to peer review. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed material and have for the last 3 years of the publication of peer-reviewed articles on the subject. Reviews are stored in the publishing and editorial office for 5 years.


15. Revision of publication to the authors of submissions or copies of reviews of a reasoned refusal, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews in the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation for admission to the editor publication prompted.