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Transformation of the management concept of human capital depending on the stages of industry development
Shirinkina E.V.

Formation of general educational principles of managing human capital in the conditions of development of the digital economy
Shirinkina E.V.

Synergetic nature of human capital as a factor of efficient management
Skorobogackii V.V., Petkova T.A.

The budget of the regional university - from normative to regional differentiation
Gulyaev P.V., Gritsenko S.E.

The value of human capital of the regions on the basis of multi-criteria approach
Grachev S.A.

Financial and economic aspects of discussion issues of measurement and evaluation of human capital
Ionova N.V.

The interaction between domestic tncs and socio-economic systems of the russian society: the aspect of the social contract
Maksimov I.O., Kovtun O.I., Filatov S.A.

Development of the human capital of the company in the conditions of post-industrial economy
Botnaryuk M.V., Abolentseva N.O.

Strategic human capital management of an industrial region on the basis of comparative analysis
Shepeleva N.A., Abramova E.E., Akulov A.O.

Improving the model of enterprise innovative potential assessment: economic and managerial aspects
Kovalenko A.A., Parshikov D.M.

Researching key factors of innovative activity development at the enterprise: social-administrative aspects
Kovalenko A.A.

Marketing tools to work with the personnel of an enterprise
Makovich G.V.

Clusters in culture: the need for the formation and characteristics of creation
Saprykina A.N.

Development of territorial potential on the basis of knowledge-based economy
Novikova K.A.

Human capital of a municipal entity: notion and structure
Buranshina N.A., Ivanova N.L.