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Management of motivation in the public service system
Charina A.M.

Transformation of the management concept of human capital depending on the stages of industry development
Shirinkina E.V.

Systematization of the functions of internal control of funds in the management of integrated agro-industrial formation
Lytneva N.A., Petrova Yu.M.

Formation of general educational principles of managing human capital in the conditions of development of the digital economy
Shirinkina E.V.

Who was victorized? To the question of the results of discussion at the july (1928) plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b)
Feldman M.A.

Relevance of mentoring in youth communities on the local level
Knyazkova E.A., Bereza N.A.

A high educational organization management in digital educational environment
Alenicheva T.S., Kurshakova N.B.

Evolution of the mechanism manadgement of foreign economic activity in the country and the Ural regions
Аndreeva E.L., Maslennikov M.I., Mislakova U.G.

The concept of indicative planning of working capital in the management of integrated agro-industrial enterprises
Petrova Yu.M.

Development of digital technologies in economics and management: russian and foreign experience
Avdeeva I.L., Golovina T.A., Parakhina L.V.

Comments on the practice of establishment of municipal programs on the example of Ekaterinburg city
Kirillov L.G., Kirillova T.I.

Strategy of development of investment activity in conditions of uncertainty
Lytneva N.A., Polyanin A.V., Trofimov M.N.

Management of adaptation of migrants: mechanisms and methods for their implementation in the territory of the Novosibirsk region
Savinov L.V., Shtop D.A.

The management of the creative team in the modern theatre: sociological analysis
Ilyinykh S.A., Shavrukova M.R.

Building a structural-discursive algorithm of the process to provide economic stability of meat processing enterprises
Chernyakova I.S.

Risk management in the implementation of low-rise projects in construction
Filiushina K.E., Minaev N.N., Gusakova N.V., Dobrinina O.I.

Classification records of the economic environment structure of bashkortostan republic in management decisions-making
Aslayeva S.Sh.

Social technologies management of social activity of students
Shchemeleva I.I.

Staff training system management in the context of National program of industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019
Bozhko L.L.

Control of institutional changes: problems and their solution on the way to success
Goncharov G.A.

Improving the management and disposal of property in the context of privatization (exemplified by perm territory)
Rozhkov E.V.

Cluster development as a tool of improving economic management
Alkhimovitch I.N., Naidenov N.D.

Territorial schemes as a means of waste management
Ostrovskiy N.V.

Designing algorithms of clustering processes management
Maslennikov M.I., Brykov S.S.

Evolution of the Federal law «On production and consumption waste»
Ostrovskiy N.V.

Development of the responsibility and motivation system of public executives in solving the problem of efficient use of public property in Russia
Filatova N.G.

Civil control in modern Russia as a subject of sociological research
Kostin V.A., Grosheva I.A.

To the problem of evaluation of the role of state in the process of market economy development
Abramov R.A.

Margin analysis in cost management of public services
Gulyaev P.V.

Realization of the Federal Law “On wastes of production and consumtion”
Ostrovskiy N.V.

Strategy of a company: concept of integration of automated analytics
Snegiryova T.K., Sizyakov E.I.

Information management in the municipal management of land relations of major cities of the Ural economic region
Mikhailov A.A.

Modernization strategy of dermatovenerologic service in the RF subject exemplified by SWOT-analysis
Мishina O.S.

Strategic enterprises in the RF system of the public property management
Мartynenko T.V.

Knowledge management: classical ideals of managerial behavior rationality
Arzhanuhin S.V.

Sociological analysis of the composition of state power organs: modern trends
Berzin B.Yu.

Terminological analysis of the notion “organization structure of management”
Kozlova K.A.

Perspectives of the development of land relations in project “Great Yekaterinburg”
Mikhailov A.A.

Choice problems of electronic system of document management in organisations
Uvarov S.V.