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Mechanisms for ensuring and managing the competitiveness of the university under the municipal education (on the example of FSBEI MSU named after Ogarev)
Kolchina N.O., Leonenko E.A.

Multi aspects of the category "competitiveness of the higher education", approaches and methods of managing the competitiveness of the higher education
Kolchina N.O., Leonenko E.A.

Strategic and innovative development of priority areas of agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Kovshov V.A., Lukyanova M.T.

Budgetary forecast of the municipal formation in the structure of strategic planning documents
Lapygin Yu.N., Tulinova D.V.

Сhoice of production structure as a factor of development of market potential
Koltakova G.V.

The concept of indicative planning of working capital in the management of integrated agro-industrial enterprises
Petrova Yu.M.

Strategy of development of investment activity in conditions of uncertainty
Lytneva N.A., Polyanin A.V., Trofimov M.N.

Strategic objectives of municipal development
Lapygin Yu.N., Balakhina A.A.

Markteing as a function of municipal management of the resources of the territory
Danilov N.A.

Building a structural-discursive algorithm of the process to provide economic stability of meat processing enterprises
Chernyakova I.S.

Typology of strategies of depressive municipality (on the example of municipal formation "Smolensk city")
Kuzavko A.S.

Strategic human capital management of an industrial region on the basis of comparative analysis
Shepeleva N.A., Abramova E.E., Akulov A.O.

Information strategies and socio-dynamics of protesting campaigns in Russia
Bolshakov S.N., Popov D.A.

Strategic management as a tool for identifying and forming marketing capacity of socio-economic development of a large city
Razorvin I.V., Usova N.V., Kulikova E.S.

Experience of innovative activity control of high-tech cities
Kuzmin A.I., Patrusheva S.B., Lanskikh V.N.

Development strategy of a medical organization in an updating period
Krivenko N.V., Kozlova O.A., Kuznetsova N.L.

Strategy of a company: concept of integration of automated analytics
Snegiryova T.K., Sizyakov E.I.

Elements of formal institutes in organization of regional industrial policy
Bashkirtsev A.S., Makovkina S.A.

Elaborating main development directions of the public support of small business system
Tarasova J.G.