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Development of the regional economy and the concept of spatial development: a retrospective analysis
Molchanov I.N., Moltchanova N.P.

The value of human capital of the regions on the basis of multi-criteria approach
Grachev S.A.

The methodological approach to the definition of economic security based on the perception of risk
Karginova V.V.

Dominates of effective development of foreign economic relations of the central asia regions with the countries of the eage in the conditions of the globalization process
Feklistov M.V.

Capacity and elaboration assessment of main directions of the Kostroma region development
Orlov E.V.

Theoretical aspects of regional administrative territorial subdivision: content and mechanism of improvement
Tselishcheva E.F.

Strategic monitoring in the system of organizational and economic support of sustainable development of a territory
Kharitonova Yu.S.

Designing the algorithm for the comprehensive assessment of urban infrastructure development, considering the processes of regional socio-economic development
Ufimtseva T.V., Volchkova I.V., Danilova M.N., Shadeiko N.R., Podoprigora Yu.V., Seliverstov A.A.

Regional intellectual capital management tools
Makarov P.Yu.

Simulation model of the regional innovative process management
Soboleva O.N.

Knowledge management model in the focus of attention
Vorobiov A.D.

Improving the management and disposal of property in the context of privatization (exemplified by perm territory)
Rozhkov E.V.

Competitiveness factors of the Russian regions (as exemplified by the subjects of Volga Federal Districts)
Bannikov A.Yu.

Analyzing modernization potential of a federal district through a complex of indicators
Mishchenko Z.V., Fraimovich D.V., Мorozova O.V.

Regulation of illigal migration in the Ural federal district: current status and trends
Koroleva A.M.

Brand management method at the regional consumer market
Vereteno A.A.

On the management of investment opportunities in the region
Fraimovich D.V., Nikolina A.K.

Cluster form of industrial-innovative development of the territories
Vechkinzova E.A.

Regional development control: essence and transformation necessity in conditions of the country economy modernization
Shagiyeva I.T.

Elements of formal institutes in organization of regional industrial policy
Bashkirtsev A.S., Makovkina S.A.

Identifying the development potential of the machine-building complex of the CFD regions
Gundorova M.A., Polzunova N.N., Fraimovich D.V.

Housing policy in the region: the social dimension
Feldman M.A.

Comparative assessment of regional competitiveness and its growth factors (on the example of Latvia)
Voronov V.V.

Experience of regional development regulation in Kazakhstan republic
Moroy A.V.

Organizational-economic mechanism for management of regional service cluster
Shnyakina Yu.R.

Socio-cultural basics to analyze different regional ethnic communities
Pestova G.A.

State regional policy and its role in the management of social-economic development of macro-region (exemplified by the Southern and North-Caucasian federal districts)
Moltchanova N.P.

Risks of development of the social stratification system in the sverdlovsk region
Barazgova E.S., Vandyshev M.N.