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Personnel appraisal as a tool for improving the efficiency of labor potential use at manufacturing enterprises
Balynskaya N.R., Koptyakova S.V., Maiorova T.V.

Identification of the level of students’ motivation for research work and development of improvement methods
Levashova Yu.V., Sharikova Yu.V.

Human resources management system analysis at «MMK-Informservice» LLC
Koptyakova S.V., Zinovyeva E.G., Shkurko N.S.

Development of women’s entrepreneurship in Russia: Management analysis
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S.

Management of motivation in the public service system
Charina A.M.

The practice of applying methods and forms of motivation and stimulation for middle managers in foreign credit and financial organizations
Azhieva I.A.

Domestic view on motivation of management staff
Ponomareva I.K., Akifiev I.V.

Trust domestic view on motivation of management staff
Ponomareva I.K., Akifiev I.V.

Mechanisms to increase motivation as a tool for improving the activities of local authorities
Balynskaya N.R., Koptyakova S.V., Musiychuk S.V.

The role of social networks in educational space of economical high school
Kovtun O.I., Varaksa A.M.

Procedural motivation and social-psychological adaptation of the person in personnel management system
Berzin B.Yu., Zykina N.E.

Changes in the remuneration system as a factor of incentive management of employees’ labor behavior in education establishments
Balynskaya N.R., Kuznetsova N.R., Sinitsyna O.N.

Market development pathway of education services in conditions of higher education globalization and new public education policy implementation in Russia: action-oriented aspect
Еfimova I.N., Makoveychuk A.V.

Assessment of motivational competence of civil servants
Zelinskyi S.E.

Law-students educational activities motivation: stage of the process
Huzina A.H.

The analysis of the socio-cultural aspects of the needs and motivations of the 2012 applicants in the field of science and education
Еfimova I.N.

On the essence and dynamics factors of the state awards in modern russia: institutional analysis
Pestova G.A., Ruchkin A.V.

Social and economic aspect of the “Labor” category
Sukhova O.V.

Sociological analysis of students’ motives for getting qualitative education
Kuznetsova Yu.M., Tchevtayeva N.G.

Comparative analysis of public servants motivating: contemporary foreign experience for practising in Russia
Vassiljeva E.I.