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Mechanisms for ensuring and managing the competitiveness of the university under the municipal education (on the example of FSBEI MSU named after Ogarev)
Kolchina N.O., Leonenko E.A.

Multi aspects of the category "competitiveness of the higher education", approaches and methods of managing the competitiveness of the higher education
Kolchina N.O., Leonenko E.A.

Quality management and availability of public health services (on materials of Sverdlovsk region)
Andreyeva Yu.A., Kuznetsova E.V.

Pseudo modernization racing along the beaurocratic track
Verkhoturova I.G.

The management processes dealing with conflicts within the framework of the sources of the national security policy
Verbitskaya T.V.

Social audit of quality and accessibility of public services in Sverdlovsk region
Zerchaninova T.E., Shipitsina Yu.M.

Productive potential of a machine-building enterprise as a monitoring object in market economy
Sukhoterina M.I.

Comparative analysis of the practices of monitoring the activities of financial organizations
Polushina O.S.

Complex of diagnostic procedures to monitor financial conditions of commercial organisations
Sergeyeva E.A., Sologubova N.A.

Optimization of an industrial process at enterprises of small and medium entrepreneurship and its effectiveness in overcoming the crisis
Pak A.B.

The system of information analysis support of amortization policy in the current context
Bartkova N.N., Krupina N.N.

Problems and perspectives for the implementation of results-oriented budgeting in the practice of the management of state and municipal finances
Ushakov V.A.

Monitoring of the reform of the financial and economic foundations of local self-government
Tselishcheva E.F.