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Formation of the participative model of the social state as the basis for modernizing political management in the Russian Federation
Ituridze L.A., Nesterchuk O.A., Bocharov M.A.

Mass citizen and political order in Russia
Fan I.B.

Improving institutional arrangements for the development of socio-political systems of the northern regions of Russia
Kondral D.P.

Revolution and modernization theory
Schulz E.E.

Empire management in the era of modernization: politological analysis
Shishkov V.V.

Pseudo modernization racing along the beaurocratic track
Verkhoturova I.G.

Social identity in the context of the modernization of Ukrainian society
Kondratieva N.A.

“Concept “modernization” in political discourse of modern Russia: problem of interpretation
Sonina E.O.

Principles of simulation and transformation of ideological paradigm of a political process
Postol E.E.

Technological modernization and tax policy
Murzov I.A.

Liberal conservatism in the system of ideologies
Afonasova A.V.

Institutionalization of state-corporation: problem statement
Skorobogackii V.V.

Marketing strategies of social management in the region
Akjulov R.I.

The reformation of a symbol or the symbolic reform of power? (practical experience of the administrative reform in russia in 2005-2010)
Sonina E.O.

Demographic behavior of the population as a condition for the modernization of the industrial region
Akjulov R.I., Akjulova E.I.

The Russian modernization from the idea to implementation: logocratic and plebsological aspects
Semenov Yu.G.

Modernization of the “archaic” Russian society: plight and problems
Antipiev A.G.