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Head of the municipality in the system of local government bodies
Baboshin O.A.

Implementation of participatory budgeting projects: the practice of information support
Krasilshchikov G.G., Troitskaya E.A., Marasanova I.V.

The history of local self-government in russia: the evolution of domestic theories
Barazgova E.S.

Integration of strategic and budget planning on the basis of organizational-financial mechanism of budget programming of municipalities
Shelomentsev A.G., Syatchikhin S.V.

State policy in the sphere of local self-government in the period of constructing the «vertical of power»
Mukhametov R.S.

Satisfaction of the of the Komi republic population with municipal services provision: the experience of empirical research
Bolshakova Yu.M.

Local government in Russia: milestones of development
Mukhametov R.S.

Functioning activisation of public structures in administrations of municipal entities in Arkhangelsk region
Alkhimovitch I.N.

Institute of public chambers in the Russian federation as a complex system of public control
Isakov A.S.

Happiness index in municipal government: post-industrial aspect
Arzhanuhin S.V.

Social potential of civil participation in local self-government as a method of municipal management development
Klyuchnikova T.N.

Power and population: aspects of cooperation on a municipal level
Zaborova E.N.

Reformation of local self-government in nizhniy Novgorod region: problematic issues and solution approach
Eregina A.G.

Constitutional-legal analysis of regulating municipal elections in the Russian Federation
Elkina A.V., Zakharov I.V.

Principles of law enforcement activity of local self government as basic ideas determining its content and results
Efremova T.D.

The problems and perspectives of city marketing
Ritsher O.V.

Main outcomes of the reforms of the local public administration and the local government in Great Britain
Langinen A.V.

Monitoring of the reform of the financial and economic foundations of local self-government
Tselishcheva E.F.