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Features of innovative changes in vocational education
Butko G.P., Teslenko I.V.

Novations and rotinness: a value relation in the consciousness and behavior of russian pensioners
Nozdrina A.A.

Management of sustainable development in terms inclusive growth and green economy
Lyaskovskaya E.A.

Theories and tools of counter-cyclical control of regional economic systems
Pobedin A.A., Fedorov D.V., Letaeva T.V.

Systematization of innovative projects assessment methods
Rodriges Pendas A.А.

The interaction of modern universities and business: the issue about the nature and role of entrepreneurial university
Mikhalchenkova N.A.

Innovative entrepreneurship as economy driver of the future: outlines of new policies in innovative development management
Guseva Ya.V., Gusev V.V.

On the issue of the investment resources assesment effectivenes in the system of innovative development management of the territory
Fraimovich D.V.

Comparative analysis of E-government systems in Russia and the USA
Nikitina A.S., Younhee K.

Innovations in payroll management of a company (as exemplified by an enterprise of pipeline transport)
Bunkovskiy D.V.

Managing innovative subsystems development at meso-level
Tishkov S.V.

Innovation in the system of public government in the regions of the North-Caucasian federal area
Kiselyova N.N., Orlyanskaya A.A.

System of economic-mathematical indices for decision-making on stimulation of small business of the federal district
Gundorova M.A., Mishchenko Z.V., Fraimovich D.V.

Implementation of innovations in the sphere of civil service: problems and factors
Ivanova N.L., Dubinenkova E.N.

Experience of innovative activity control of high-tech cities
Kuzmin A.I., Patrusheva S.B., Lanskikh V.N.

Definition of efficiency of social services provision – innovative way of management of social systems
Razorvin I.V., Durandina O.A.

Innovative marketing technologies in municipal management
Razorvin I.V., Durandina O.A.

Innovative activity of domestic state civil servants as a social –professional group
Popova O.I.

State programs of finding a real sector: practice of economy revival in the Eastern Germany
Sabitov A.R.

Potentialities to increase innovative competitiveness of nizhniy Novgorod region using the cluster approach
Batrak V.S., Golubtsov A.N.

Forming and development of industrial-innovative infrastructure in a border-zone
Bozhko L.L.

Improvement of economic management in the sphere of innovative activity of higher school
Kulikova Yu.P.

Usage of the model controlling organization-economic changes and information-economic systems in health-care
Krivenko N.V.

Formation of the innovative capacity in training of public servants as socio-professional group
Nikitina A.S., Tchevtayeva N.G.

Place of municipalities in the regional innovation system of the Tomsk region
Nazarova E.A.

The role of territorial segmentation of health care in the region's economy
Krivenko N.V.

Comparative assessment of regional competitiveness and its growth factors (on the example of Latvia)
Voronov V.V.

Social marketing technologies in municipal management
Durandina O.V., Razorvin I.V.

On certain principles of innovation in anti-crises policy implementation
Grebenkina V.A.