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Methodological fundamentals of general public concept of governance on the issue of the relationship between public welfare and subjective well-being in happiness economics (philosophical aspect)
Starikova A.A.

Development of digital technologies in economics and management: russian and foreign experience
Avdeeva I.L., Golovina T.A., Parakhina L.V.

Legitimacy in the political system: the problems of formal institutions and current communications
Enshina E.V., Loktionov M.V.

The search for ontological grounds of legal being through the prism of all-unity philosophy
Rotanova M.B., Treushnikov I.A.

Stalinism: the problem of vitality in the public mind and management practices
Feldman M.A.

Sociological analysis on objectivity of development strategies of social entrepreneurship
Gelikh O.Ya.

The problem of the Russian statehood in the light of the evolution-synergetic approach
Andreyeva Yu.A., Skorobogackii V.V.

Political power: experience of the concept analytics
Fedorovskikh A.A.

The forms and limits of constitutional legal interaction between the president of the Russian Federation and "civil society" in the sphere of protection and promotion of human and civil rights and freedoms
Prokofiev V.N.

Cluster development as a tool of improving economic management
Alkhimovitch I.N., Naidenov N.D.

Imperium vs etat nation? On the question of correlation of notions “empire” and “state”
Rogov I.I.

To the problem of evaluation of the role of state in the process of market economy development
Abramov R.A.

On structural efficiency of the balanced macroeconomic system and directions of its development
Vladimirov S.A.

Social function of the State in labour law
Ivantchina Yu.V.

Peculiarities of territorial division and self-government system in the United States of America
Balynskaya N.R.

Problem of justice in the modern Russian society
Rudenkin V.N.

On the essence of new strengthening of cooperation between the Church and power in Russia
Katin V.I.

Soviet and Russian state: similarities and differences
Yershov Yu.G.

Modern trends of media politics development in Ukraine
Volyanskiy V.V., Silenko A.A.

Public-private partnership as a new type of relations in the agrobusiness sector for the Ukraine
Ivanova N.E.

Improvement of relations between civil society and state
Abirov M.S.

Theoretical basics for researching governmental-religious interaction
Sukhorukov V.V.

Historical and philosophical experience of understanding the problems concerning interaction of the civil society and the state with the help of intersubjectiveness using Gegel’s works as an example
Tebenyova I.A.

Philosophical and historical foundations of I.A.Iliyn’s anthropological interpretation of Gegel’s philosophy
Kolomeitseva T.S.

Current approach to defining corruption in public sphere
Veibert S.I.