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Annual report on the results of the performance of the authorized on the rights of the businessmen of the sverdlovsk region as a mirror of the condition of small and medium entrepreneurship in the region
Feldman M.A.

Organizational changes in terms of autopoiesis
Bekarev A.M., Tyurina N.I.

Investigation of investment risks of the startup project by fuzzy modeling method
Molodeckaya S.F., Pozharskaya G.I.

“Service joy”: what does corruption differ from captivity? (philosophical reflections on a given topic)
Loskutov V.A.

Gender aspect of the transformation of the power vertical in the Russian Federation
Ryadskaya V.S.

The search for ontological grounds of legal being through the prism of all-unity philosophy
Treushnikov I.A., Rotanova M.B.

Between February and October. (Whether Ural mirror the revolutions of 1917 in Russia?)
Feldman M.A.

Power: analytics of the notion and phenomenon
Fedorovskikh A.A.

“The silent majority” of the Post-Soviet Thermidor: “Force of nothingness”
Loskutov V.A.

Specificity of formation of the power image in mass media (exemplified by Chelyabinsk region)
Balynskaya N.R., Kovalyova M.M.

Sketch to B.N. Chicherin’s portrait: political and legal views
Vidrin I.V.

Power and population: aspects of cooperation on a municipal level
Zaborova E.N.

“Concept “modernization” in political discourse of modern Russia: problem of interpretation
Sonina E.O.

On the essence of new strengthening of cooperation between the Church and power in Russia
Katin V.I.

Public opinion on the criminal situation in the republic of North Ossetia - Alania of the North-Caucasian federal district of the Russian Federation
Dzutsiev Kh.V., Tsopanova A.Yu.

Improvement of relations between civil society and state
Abirov M.S.

Sociological analysis of the composition of state power organs: modern trends
Berzin B.Yu.

The status of an intelligent and intellectual in conditions of authoritarianism of modern policy
Ilyin A.N.

The Russian modernization from the idea to implementation: logocratic and plebsological aspects
Semenov Yu.G.

Power structures and workers in the Urals by 1917 (history-graphical and historical aspects)
Feldman M.A.

Risk in creative activites of the youth: sociological aspect
Balynskaya N.R., Koptseva O.A.

Legitimation of Power: Morphology of a Resource Potential
Saharov A.V.