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Communication system and its efficiency assessment within the framework of interaction of agro-industrial complex and housing sector in rural areas
Ufimtseva T.V., Volchkova I.V., Danilova M.N., Shadeiko N.R., Podoprigora Yu.V., Seliverstov A.A., Eliseev A.M.

Managers and owners of business-organizations about the orientation of the Bashkortostan students to work in the field of small and medium business
Kostina N.B., Elagina R.N.

Public administration transparency and crowdsourcing as factors of Russia's economy development
Sholdyshev V.M.

Improvement of relations between civil society and state
Abirov M.S.

Interaction between government and business as a factor of socio-economic development of the region
Bidjiev A.S., Shamarova G.M.

Interaction of the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation and the organs of the judiciary
Plotnikova A.E.

On improving the role of educational institutions in the period of transition to public e-services in the region: exemplified by the kurgan region
Shilova T.S.

Theoretical basics for researching governmental-religious interaction
Sukhorukov V.V.

Electronic government and efficiency of civil service
Elkaim G.

Theoretical-methodological approaches to the problem of studying youth leadership
Ibragimova A.S.

Способы и механизмы взаимодействия субъектов специализированного сетевого сообщества нефтепроводной системы Восточная Сибирь – Тихий океан
Nikitina A.S.