Issue #6(61) декабрь month 2019 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 31 December 2019г.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Political modernization in modern Turkey: institutional dimension
Isakov A.S. 122

Specifics of information risks in the municipal management system of modern Russia
Balynskaya N.R. , Ibragimova O.V. , Chuprin V.V. , Volkov S.Yu. 107

Analysis of methodological and legal support for environmental impact assessment in Russia and abroad
Ivanov A.N. 92

Development of peace and human security strategy as a problem of politics philosophy
Kovalev A.A. 91

Between DIY and institutions: social and philosophical analysis of youth politicization formats
Simonova I.A. 91

Problems and prospects of implementation of control and supervision activities of public authorities in the Russian Federation
Kolesnikova K.L. 97

Is professional standard necessary for public executives?
Maltsev A.V. , Tomiltsev A.V. 97

Public chamber as an institution of civil society on the municipal territory (by the example of the city district of Krasnoturinsk)
Plotnikova M.A. 98

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

The administrative-territorial and economic transformation of the municipal formations
Atayeva A.G. 123

System of distributive project financing in Russia
Belyayev S.E. 78

Industry orientation of the national project «labor productivity and employment support»: on the issue of excluding the commodity sector
Brekhova U.V. , Almosov A.P. , Shuralev D.A. 81

Priorities for developing the competitiveness of economic entities in the knowledge-based economy
Vyshegorodskiy D.V. 73

Agro-industrial clusters as a form of innovative development of the industry
Novikova Yu.O. 75

Study of income tax calculation and development of a methodology for comparing accounting and tax accounting data
Kot E.M. , Ogorododnikova N.M. , Saburova L.V. , Guselnikova S.A. 77

Gender analysis of the sectoral structure of the remote (long-distance) employment market based on the content analysis of the bank of vacancies and resumes
Kamarova T.A. 76

Agro-industrial complex of the Perm region at the present stage of development
Nabokov V.I. , Volkov V.I. , Nekrasov K.V. 77

Modeling the “code space” of the territorial heritage of an industrial region
Mislakova U.G. 75

Rational strategies for generating income by consumers: empirical research experience
Zlokazova Yu.V. 74

Internet of things technology as a way to control consumer’s loyalty
Kolchina N.O. , Kolchin E.Yu. 72

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Personnel appraisal as a tool for improving the efficiency of labor potential use at manufacturing enterprises
Balynskaya N.R. , Koptyakova S.V. , Maiorova T.V. 73

Methodological approaches to the toxic potential assessment of the corporate staff
Fedorova A.E. , Tyuyusheva Yu.V. 72

Project management sustainability assessment at enterprises of the Russian regions
Apenko S.N. , Fomina Yu.A. 82

Problems and directions of conflict management in the project in The East Wind Group Of Companies
Kolchina N.A. 67

Dental institutions network in Sverdlovsk Region during the testing period (2014-2017): management aspects
Feldman M.A. , Kuranova D.I. 66

Improving methods for accounting and evaluating financial results of commercial banks' conversion operations
Volkova E.M. 77

Mechanisms of urban communities interaction in the smart city development (by the example of Omsk city)
Kapoguzov E.A. , Ovodova S.N. , Chupin R.I. 76

Classification of office processes of large industrial enterprise
Brykalov S.M. , Borodina V.E. , Volkova N.P. 82