Issue #5(60) декабрь month 2019 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 30 December 2019г.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

On coordination between legislative and executive branches of government in the Russian Federation
None None. , Лифанов С.С. 242

Implementation success factors of pilot projects in the activities of state (municipal) social institutions
Качанова Е.А. , None None. , Kamenskaya N.V. 96

Management culture of the head of a public administrative body: concept, diagnostics, development factors
Gorb V.G. 115

We tried our best, you know the rest: destructive verbal behavior of political figures as a factor of discrediting the government
Plotnikova M.V. 94

Methodological approaches to assessing the benefits of public administration digitalization for citizens
Dobrolubova E.I. 85

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Features of budgeting: methodological and operational experience of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its relevance for Russia
Molchanov I.N. , Molchanova N.P. , Nuraliyev A.A. 69

Assessment of publicly available criteria for tax risks of financial and economic activities of the organization
Brekhova U.V. , Tabakov A.N. , Yakovenko V.V. 79

Western scientists about regional and global governance: a study of correlation and connections
Kovalev A.A. , Shcherbakova E.E. 91

Main trends of modern project management in 2019
Seleznev K.R. 81

Underlying problems and promising areas of development of the institution of commercial banks rehabilitation in the national economy
Kinash A.E. 54

Tourist boom: expert analysis. 2018-2019 years
Fonova N.G. 60

Relationship between health indicators and socio-economic development of the region
Razumovskaya E.M. , Valeeva G.F. 57

Innovative policy in the digital financial services market
None None. , Усова Н.В. 60

State regulation problems in the use of non-wood forest resources by the example of the Far East
Smirnov M.A. 58

Problems of using the GDP indicator as an indicator of the socio-economic development of society
Molokanov V.M. 66

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Cost-benefit analysis of investment activity of insurance organizations by the example of PISC “IJSC “Energogarant”
None None. , Zinovyeva E.G. , Kuznetsova M.V. 60

Justification features of the optimal capital structure of IT companies in the modern context
Tolkacheva N.A. 65

Development of high potential employees by the example of a fuel and energy company
Shavrovskaya M.N. 57

Neurotechnologies in knowledge management system
Shirinkina E.V. 53

Education management  All articles in the headings

Renewal of the general education system in the muinds of school leavers: according to an online survey
Berzin B.Yu. , Maltsev A.V. , Shkurin D.V. , Shchipanova I.A. 67

Present and future of library professions
Kasyanova T.I. , Mudarisova A.A. 62

Identification of the level of students’ motivation for research work and development of improvement methods
Levashova Yu.V. , Sharikova Yu.V. 47