Issue #2(57) июнь month 2019 year.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Color revolution as a threat to the political system of the state: problems of definition
Verbitskaya T.V. , Kerimov A.A. 350

Methodological fundamentals of general public concept of governance
Podgornyy V.V. 264

Legitimation of power: myths of the russian political culture
Sannikov G.G. 250

Complex of multiple-factor models of risks and threats assessment of economic security implemented in digital technology
Troshin D.V. 252

Digital reality: from the model to the image
Markova N.I. , Uzhegova A.M. 218

Conceptualization of public electronic ser-vices: technological aspect
Bolshakova Yu.M. , Eremeev S.V. 209

Organization of infrastructure support for socially oriented non-profit organizations of the service sector in public administration of the Russian Federation
Kulkova V.Yu. 304

Methodological fundamentals of general public concept of governance on the issue of the relationship between public welfare and subjective well-being in happiness economics (philosophical aspect)
Starikova A.A. 190

On the issue of the political aspect of working time
Starostin V.A. 215

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Improving the efficiency of state and municipal management on the basis of monitoring strategies for socio-economic development
Bolshakov S.N. 201

Development of the regional economy and the concept of spatial development: a retrospective analysis
Molchanov I.N. , Moltchanova N.P. 188

Tools of territorial development and in-vestment in the system of management of special economic and advanced development zones in the Russian Federation
Gileva I.S. 2631

Public regulation of micro-entrepreneurship in the context of transformation of economic systems and the administrative reform in Russia
Kozubenko A.V. 167

Development of women’s entrepreneurship in Russia: Management analysis
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S. 162

Modeling and forecasting indicators of socio-economic development of the region
Yandybaeva N.V. 206

Social management  All articles in the headings

Practical mechanisms of implementation of public administration in the sphere of education
Balynskaya N.R. , Zinovieva E.G. , Usmanova E.G. 181

Implementation of the state museum policy in St. Petersburg
Vdovenko T.V. , Tsinchenko G.M. 137

Organization of interaction between industry-specific universities and structural units of the industry
Kalganova N.V. 131

Academic Mobility in a Changing World: Russian Experience
Korolev G.V. , Koryagina I.A. 233

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

The need for management consulting in the digitalization of Russian business
Gergiev I.E. , Zhelezova A.E. , Pozmogov A.I. 192

Intangible assets as a factor affecting the capitalization and investment attractiveness of fuel and energy companies
Loseva O.V. 168

Improving the management of client flows in the banking sector
Molodeckaya S.F. , Molodezky V.S. 157

Influence of industry factors on the formation of capitalization of oil companies (on the materials of domestic oil companies)
Almosov A.P. , Brekhova U.V. , Shuralev D.A. 258

Features of marketing in the market of radio-electronic products
Pirozhok A.V. 207

Priority directions of advance of services of the fitness center in the market of the large city
Gergelezhiu Y.G. , Usova N.V. 246

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Management of motivation in the public service system
Charina A.M. 255

Organization of control over the expenses of officials: legal framework and law enforcement practice
Chudinovskikh M.V. 147

Diagnosis of professional deformation of the professional group «social work expert»: organizational aspect
Zaglodina T.A. 145

Transformation of the management concept of human capital depending on the stages of industry development
Shirinkina E.V. 174

Classification of risk factors of personnel management at the machine-building companies
Kostuykova A.P. , Kostuykova T.P. , Lysenko I.A. , Saubanov V.S. , Shiryaev O.V. 155