Issue #1(56) февраль month 2019 year.

Power and administration in society  All articles in the headings

Transformation of relations between person and state in the major repairs system
Zhukova I.V. , Bykova D.G. 749

Annual report on the results of the performance of the authorized on the rights of the businessmen of the sverdlovsk region as a mirror of the condition of small and medium entrepreneurship in the region
Feldman M.A. 769

The phenomenon of large families in Russia: a sociological analysis of changes
Bannyh G.A. , Kuzmin A.I. , Kostina S.N. , Zaitseva E.V. 1024

Realization of the public family policy in subjects of the Russian Federatsa: the experience of the Stavropol territory
Rostovskaya T.K. , Bezverbnaya N.A. 844

Creating an information system for managing public events based on the implementation of the concept of situational management
Kliachin M.S. 655

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Cryptocurrency and its impact on the world economy on the example of bitcoin
Ushakova N.E. 775

Management tools entrepreneurial risks
Bunkovskiy D.V. 5630

The mechanism of financing of budgetary institutions as a tool of ensuring the state budget security
Gomanova T.K. , Lukyanova Z.A. 808

The maturity level assessment of the project activity organization in the executive authorities in the Russian Federation: analysis of the methodology
Ruchkin A.V. , Shemetova N.K. 1005

Methodical bases of assessment of social and economic conditions of organizational vandalism within the concept of risk management
Gavrilov D.E. 622

Modernization of the system of public-private partnership tendering criteria in the development of electricity supply infrastructure
Guseinov S.A. , Boyarintsev B.I. 614

Conceptual bases of electronic public services: economic aspect
Eremeev S.V. 456

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Influence of factors on opportunities of the career of russian state civil and municipal employees
Voronina L.I. , Kostina S.N. , Zaitseva E.V. 1324

Attraction to public and municipal service of talented youth
Sharin V.I. 854

Managing the improvement of the wage system of workers in the crop industry
Repichev A.I. , Tugachev L.V. , Pavlova A.V. 672

The practice of applying methods and forms of motivation and stimulation for middle managers in foreign credit and financial organizations
Azhieva I.A. 737

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Audit problems in business
Kolchina N.O. , Kolchin E.Yu. 561

Management of the material-technical and financial condition of enterprises in the conditions of macroeconomic instability
Makhmudova M.M. 550

Working with complaints in the hospitality industry
Nikolenko P.G. 11137

Systematization of the functions of internal control of funds in the management of integrated agro-industrial formation
Lytneva N.A. , Petrova Yu.M. 545

Intellectual training system for municipal customers as a cognitive tool for minimizing the Dunning-Kruger effect
Morozova A.I. 442

Improvement of KSUP at machine-building enterprises
Loginov M.P. , Seleznev K.R. 475

Education management  All articles in the headings

Managing development of children in the system of additional education in the regional context
Balynskaya N.R. , Koptyakova S.V. , Zinovieva E.G. 558

Features of innovative changes in vocational education
Butko G.P. , Teslenko I.V. 475

Student of creative higher education institution and employer: expectations and effective formats of interaction
Azarenkov L.S. , Bazhenova V.Yu. , Petrova L.Ye. 580