Issue #6(55) декабрь month 2018 year.

Power and political management  All articles in the headings

Transformation of the specifics of political manipulation in “new media”
Kunshchikov S.V. , Stroganov V.B. 548

Regional ruling elites: dynamics and specifics (on the example of Sverdlovsk region)
Mukhametov R.S. 636

State control of advertising and information activities of organizations: procedure and problems (on the example of the Office of the federal antimonopoly service for the Khabarovsk territory)
Blinova T.N. , Toropova T.A. 806

Practical implementation of the state policy in the field of ensuring safety within the framework of construction and development of systems of the “Safe city” apparative complex on the territory of Sverdlovskaya region
Antoshin V.A. , Tretyakova E.S. 549

Methods of combating corruption in public authorities
Verkhovyh A.E. , Grishin D.A. 572

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Peculiarities of investment policy in the region with agrarian and recreational specialization
Adzhikova A.S. , Kancerov R.A. , Shkolnikova N.N. 711

Regional peculiarities of estimation of effectiveness of state programs: the financial aspect
Gomanova T.K. 702

Trends of formation of a strategic planning system in the russian federation: regional aspect
Makovkina S.A. 532

Transformation factors of the russian labor market
Gergiev I.E. , Gogichaeva K.E. , Zhelezova A.E. , Pozmogov A.I. 540

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Framework of concepts and formation of the mechanism of the robust control of economic systems
Alekseev M.A. , Tropin A.A. , Freydina E.V. 420

Organizational changes in terms of autopoiesis
Bekarev A.M. , Tyurina N.I. 340

Investigation of investment risks of the startup project by fuzzy modeling method
Molodeckaya S.F. , Pozharskaya G.I. 816

Multi-orginating transactions of securitization: problems and prospects of application
Potomova S.A. 445

Innovation development prospects for high-tech organization in Asian foreign markets (the case of security printing industry)
Sayapina K.V. , Startseva A.A. 456

Practices of social partnership in state and non-state sectors of employment in modern Russia
Sorokin N.S. 419

Management of enterprise activity with the help of modern information systems
Shitova T.F. 365

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Mechanisms of self-regulation and self-development of the employee’s labor potential
Shatalova N.I. 354

Formation of general educational principles of managing human capital in the conditions of development of the digital economy
Shirinkina E.V. 6083

Sociological dimension of regional administrative reserve: problems and prospects of institutiolization
Platov A.I. 379

Features of personnel management of the bank
Kokh I.A. , Trofimova O.M. 3742

The level of training in competitiveness
Butko G.P. , Porotnikov P.A. 330

Formation and assessment of value orientations in the cosmonaut training system based on the FSBI SRI TSPK them Yu. A. Gagarin
Ovchinin A.N. , Starikova T.V. , Cvetkov S.A. 360

Methodical support for the development and creation of manned spacecraft simulators for practicing management decisions in emergency situations
Naumov B.A. , Samokutyaev A.M. , Starikova T.V. 312

Social processes and technologys  All articles in the headings

Resources of cultural regeneration in the ural minor cities: public opinion of citizens’ youth
Bystrova T.Yu. , Papulova A.A. , Кузьминчук А.А. 368

Artistic activities as an element of social management in advertising and public relations
Popov I.V. 366

Social processing techniques as an unacknowledged development factor
Startsev Ya.Yu. 419

The health of youth of kazakhstan and russia as a pledge of the solution of demographic problems
Abdrashitova A.H. , Karpovskaya E.E. , Rostovskaya T.K. 363

None  All articles in the headings

Fight against corruption in the system of higher education in Russia
Kondral D.P. , Florea V.M. , Shilova S.V. 392

Competence approach in higher education: problems and solutions
Gorb V.G. 407

Strategic aspects of the interaction of the educational organization with the business community
Balynskaya N.R. , Kuznetsova N.R. 374

Labor and leisure values: unity or confrontation?
Barazgova E.S. , Likhacheva L.S. 364

Labor market and educational services market in the Donetsk People's Republic: strategic priorities for cooperation
Borisenko M.V. , Kovalenko V.P. , Savchenko I.V. 471

“Island 10-21” as a pioneer project of transforming national education on a digital basis
Kirillov L.G. , Chelak I.P. 628

Quality of secondary professional education in the conditions of transformation: institutional approach to research
Duran T.V. , Kostina N.B. 454