Issue #5(54) октябрь month 2018 year.

Public management and local communities  All articles in the headings

“Service joy”: what does corruption differ from captivity? (philosophical reflections on a given topic)
Loskutov V.A. 1158

Osipyan B.A. 857

Change of ways of legitimation of the Russian President’s power in the period from 2012 to 2018
Galitskaya K.A. 1900

Head of the municipality in the system of local government bodies
Baboshin O.A. 1167

Digital environment of state policy and public inquiries: balance of interests and requirements
Bolshakov S.N. 976

Ruchkin A.V. , Chizhov A.A. 1367

Who was victorized? To the question of the results of discussion at the july (1928) plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b)
Feldman M.A. 841

Relevance of mentoring in youth communities on the local level
Knyazkova E.A. , Bereza N.A. 1166

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Analysis of the impact of tax burden and tax structure on economic growth: foreign experience
Kazakova M.V. , Lysyuk M.V. 1058

Clusters as institute of formation of territorial economic complexes of the country
Novikova Yu.O. 705

Methodological approaches to the content and structure of functions of state regulation of health care as economic activity in the national economy
Kachanova E.A. , Tchevtayeva N.G. , Zakharova E.N. 2858

Assessment of economic trends in state property management in the context of global economic challenges to modern Russia
Nikanorova O.S. 1178

Estimation of the efficiency of management of the state unitary enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region
Vassiljeva E.I. , Udartsev N.S. 903

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Methods of minimization of risks of the enterprise
Bunkovskiy D.V. 1428

Relevance, directions and mechanisms for integrating mediation into the corporate governance system of russian companies
Ostrovskii A.N. , Sventitskene L.V. 829

Budanov A.V. 670

Synergetic nature of human capital as a factor of efficient management
Skorobogackii V.V. , Petkova T.A. 2562

None  All articles in the headings

Transformation of higher education in the conditions of the digital economy
Popova O.I. 1790

The budget of the regional university - from normative to regional differentiation
Gulyaev P.V. , Gritsenko S.E. 852

Mechanisms for ensuring and managing the competitiveness of the university under the municipal education (on the example of FSBEI MSU named after Ogarev)
Kolchina N.O. , Leonenko E.A. 1135

A high educational organization management in digital educational environment
Alenicheva T.S. , Kurshakova N.B. 749