Issue #3(52) июнь month 2018 year.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Socio-political global and russian evolution: dialectics and development vectors
Rostovskaya T.K. , Egorychev A.M. , Levashov V.K. 1209

The wisdom of the Constitution of Switzerland as a lawful and expedient state
Osipyan B.A. 1828

Gender aspect of the transformation of the power vertical in the Russian Federation
Ryadskaya V.S. 1158

Party and soviet elite in 1922-1928.: (socio-cultural characteristics and lines of political behavior)
Feldman M.A. 1070

Dualism in the development of management accounting: standardization and individualization
Sharovatova E.A. , Omelchenko I.A. 1146

Problems of motivation of municipal employees: new challenges
Sharin V.I. , Kulkova I.A. 5422

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Evolution of the mechanism manadgement of foreign economic activity in the country and the Ural regions
Аndreeva E.L. , Maslennikov M.I. , Mislakova U.G. 1591

The role of small business in the labor market in modern conditions
Ivanov A.V. , Bagdasaryan M.A. 6973

Marketing potential of the region. Prerequisites for the formation of marketing potential
Danilov N.A. 1074

Implementation of participatory budgeting projects: the practice of information support
Krasilshchikov G.G. , Troitskaya E.A. , Marasanova I.V. 1432

Strategic and innovative development of priority areas of agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Kovshov V.A. , Lukyanova M.T. 1166

Problems of development of the third sector of the Sverdlovsk region. The view from the inside
Mukhametov R.S. , Kuzmina O.V. 2082

Social management  All articles in the headings

Classification and significance of the factors of formation in the population of the Sverdlovsk region of readiness to obtain state and municipal services in electronic form
Vatoropin A.S. , Khvatov A.E. 823

Axiological imperatives of professional training of future managers of government management
Frolov O.V. 798

Patriotic education of students as an object of sociological analysis
Florea V.M. , Volkova O.A. , Bezgodov D.N. 1006

Knowledge management specification in the system of general education
Dugina K.A. 871

Interaction of enterprises and university in macro-regions: expert evaluation of perspectives
Кузьминчук А.А. , Shuklina E.A. 147499

Development of interdepartmental cooperation in complex rehabilitation program for people with disabilities
Radchenko T.E. , Abramova S.B. 6718

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Maturity assessment of project management
Loginov M.P. , Markov O.A. 18285

Management of security processes: the theory and methodology aspects
Belov P.G. 932

Complex assessment of efficiency of use of production resources of the enterprise on the basis of use of a method of standard dynamics of indicator
Grass E.Yu. 1982