Issue #1(50) февраль month 2018 year.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Generative policy as a basis for the development of the management system in the north of Russia
Kondral D.P. 1613

Development of the academic letters 'competencies as a tool for implementation of the state program for increasing the competitiveness of science and education
Makovich G.V. 1980

The role of rehabilitation and conscience of russian judges at the detection of the true and complete picture of the considered matters and of the presentation of right-dimensional and perfect decisions and treaties
Osipyan B.A. 1166

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Understanding transactions in the cryptual-sphere in the terms of the draft federal law "On digital financial assets"
Maksurov A.A. 1351

The organizational and economic mechanism of typologicalization of russian regions on the basis of social and economic potential
Soboleva O.N. , Makarova T.V. 1631

Budgetary forecast of the municipal formation in the structure of strategic planning documents
Lapygin Yu.N. , Soboleva O.N. 1881

Social management  All articles in the headings

State policy for support of families with children with disabilities
Tsinchenko G.M. 4384

Novations and rotinness: a value relation in the consciousness and behavior of russian pensioners
Nozdrina A.A. 1222

Institutional and non-statistical components of religious pilgrimage
Podergina E.E. 1255

Civil activity of youth of Sverdlovsk region
Zabokritskaya L.D. , Oreshkina T.A. 1336

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

The role of the universal intellectual potential in innovative scientific research
Florea V.M. , Volkova O.A. 1090

Transformation of the system of professional training and education of workers of qualified labor (workers, employees) and specialists under conditions of the contemporary labor market
Gomzyakova N.N. 960

Trust domestic view on motivation of management staff
Ponomareva I.K. , Akifiev I.V. 966

Analysis of the process of development of the personnel potential of the municipal enterprise "Vodokanal" trust
Balynskaya N.R. , Zinovieva E.G. 2241

Possibilities of introduction and using of technologies of time-management in the course of planning and investigation of crimes
Tishkov S.V. , Koricheva A.V. 1419

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Ethical issues of business communication in modern Russia
Semyonova L.M. , Kudryavtseva M.Ye. 1018

The methodological approach to the definition of economic security based on the perception of risk
Karginova V.V. 1550

Сhoice of production structure as a factor of development of market potential
Koltakova G.V. 841

Opportunities for managing conditions of competitiveness in oil transportation in modern conditions
Ivankovsky S.L. , Grinevich Yu.A. , Lezina G.A. 938

The concept of indicative planning of working capital in the management of integrated agro-industrial enterprises
Petrova Yu.M. 1442