Issue #6(49) декабрь month 2017 year.

Government and public administration  All articles in the headings

Mechanism of development as potential target of public administration
Startsev Ya.Yu. 1480

Features of the reform as a kind of state changes: the experience of implementing administrative reform in modern Russia
Sonina E.O. 1480

The impact of corruption on the effectiveness of public administration
Pasechko V.V. 1668

Mechanisms to increase motivation as a tool for improving the activities of local authorities
Balynskaya N.R. , Koptyakova S.V. , Musiychuk S.V. 4254

Problems of implementation of state youth policy in Sverdlovsk region
Zerchaninova T.E. , Garanina E.O. 3567

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Development of digital technologies in economics and management: russian and foreign experience
Avdeeva I.L. , Golovina T.A. , Parakhina L.V. 6541

Progressive technologies of management in the sphere of external state and municipal financial control
Sharin V.I. , Kulkova I.A. 1556

The venture capital process and the expanded reproduction of venture capital
Kasymov A.Sh. 2189

Financial and economic aspects of discussion issues of measurement and evaluation of human capital
Ionova N.V. 1493

The problem of maintainance the unity and separateness of the concept of state support of small business in agrarian sector of economy, implemented by the indicated program-target methods
Tlisheva N.A. 1705

Improvement of project management in Russia
Dobrosotsky V.I. 1843

Methodological aspects and instruments for developing the objectives of a company’s short-term and long-term financial policies
Tolkacheva N.A. 1506

Financial reasons for the bankruptcy of russian enterprises
Smorodina E.A. , Khimicheva Yu.V. 2658

Regional economy and management  All articles in the headings

Regional investment processes, risk assessment and ways to solve problems
Snegiryova T.K. 947

Evaluation of financial sustainability of regional budgets in Russia: methodology and algorithm of its applications
Gladkovskaya E.N. , Tsalo I.M. , Teterkina L.B. 3475

Instruments for enhancing the investment activity of the regions
Kolmakova I.D. , Kolmakova E.M. 2100

To the question of the interrelation of the investment activity and the debt obligations of the russian regions
Akjulov R.I. , Alferyev K.A. 928

Improving the modeling of cash flow calculations and the size of budget subsidies in the construction and operation of rental housing in the Sverdlovsk region
Vyshegorodskiy D.V. 944

Public-private partnership as an important aspect of future development strategy of the Novosibirsk region
Maksimov I.O. , Ryaboshlyk V.F. , Tatarenko V.I. 1140

Transition to technological innovations - criterion of competitive success of the economy of the Arctic zone of Russia
Zalyvsky N.P. 1052

Social management, processes and institutions  All articles in the headings

Economic approaches to the determination of organizational vandalism in municipal management
Gavrilov D.E. , Obolenskaya A.G. 983

Comments on the practice of establishment of municipal programs on the example of Ekaterinburg city
Kirillov L.G. , Kirillova T.I. 1084

To the problem of introducing the technology of project management in the municipal sphere of culture (on the example of the city of Ekaterinburg)
Azarenkov L.S. 896