Issue #4(47) август month 2017 year.

Public management and power institutes  All articles in the headings

Legitimacy in the political system: the problems of formal institutions and current communications
Enshina E.V. , Loktionov M.V. 978

The impact of corruption on the effectiveness of public administration
Pasechko V.V. 795

Public administration for creating and improving the system of ensuring the call of emergency operational services on unified number "112" (on the example of the Ekaterinburg region)
Antoshin V.A. , Mokrousova E.S. 4080

Ensuring the fire safety of foreign students living in the halls of residence
Shepelev O.Yu. 688

Power and society  All articles in the headings

The search for ontological grounds of legal being through the prism of all-unity philosophy
Rotanova M.B. , Treushnikov I.A. 687

Features of the reform as a kind of state changes: the experience of implementing administrative reform in modern Russia
Sonina E.O. 700

Between February and October. (Whether Ural mirror the revolutions of 1917 in Russia?)
Feldman M.A. 730

Model "Management activity is the human organism" in Russian and an engloyal management discourse
Yudina O.L. 811

Social processes and technologys  All articles in the headings

Automation and robotization as the factors of the growth of technological unemployment in the modern society
Vatoropin A.S. , Vatoropin S.A. , Tchevtayeva N.G. 1272

Targets, and strategic directions of the youth policy of the russian parliamentary parties
Malik E.N. , Rostovskaya T.K. 570

Evaluation of social self-feelings of the population as a component of the investigation of the image of the city (on the example of Barnaul)
Knyazeva I.V. , Retivykh I.V. 608

Valuable consolidation of russian youth: scientific audience or new vector of state development
Bazhenov C.C. 494

The role of social networks in educational space of economical high school
Varaksa A.M. , Kovtun O.I. 547

The role of adaptive sports in the process of destabilizing people with disabilities
Barazgova E.S. , Savvulidi M.P. 561

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

The prospects of foreign economic activity development of russia: world trends and national specifics
Borisov D.A. 1128

The organizational and economic mechanism of typologicalization of Russian regions on the basis of social and economic potential
Makarova T.V. , Soboleva O.N. 542

Directions for ensuring import substitution and export-oriented production of beekeeping in the Republic of Tajikistan
Holikov M.G. 475

Management of sustainable development in terms inclusive growth and green economy
Lyaskovskaya E.A. 1464

Dominates of effective development of foreign economic relations of the central asia regions with the countries of the eage in the conditions of the globalization process
Feklistov M.V. 606

Modern problems of management  All articles in the headings

Basic document for working with the reserve of managers staff: development practices
Parkhimchik E.P. 578

Improvement of risk management standards in enterprise activities
Islamova S.T. , Kachanova E.A. 1842