Issue #1(44) февраль month 2017 year.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Values of the state service of Russia - from declarations to actions
Boyko E.A. , Menshova V.M. 2793

The institutional transformation of the public service in a political context
Borshchevskiy G.A. 1945

Forms and methods of personnel policy in authorities in modern Russia
Kirichek P.N. , Kiselev A.G. 1580

Development instead of reforms: KhMAO-Ugra state civil service in 2010-2015
Kodintsev A.Ya. 3339

Managing budgetary costs of federal institutions - normalization and regional differentiation
Gulyaev P.V. 1157

Regional development through the improvement of the implementation of municipal functions electronically using the development of administrative regulations
Kazakov M.Yu. , Lachinina T.A. , Chistyakov M.S. 1883

Improvement of the system of rendering medical aid to the population of the Sverdlovsk region in the framework of the territorial program of state guarantees
Ionkina I.V. 1190

Digital economy as part of the technological platform of public policy and administration
Bolshakov S.N. , Bolshakova Yu.M. , Leskova I.V. 2116

Clientelism as determining feature of neopatrimonial regimes
Melnikov K.V. 1787

State regulation of economy  All articles in the headings

Theories and tools of counter-cyclical control of regional economic systems
Letaeva T.V. , Pobedin A.A. , Fedorov D.V. 977

On the relationship of investment activity and debt securities of the russian regions
Akjulov R.I. , Alferyev K.A. 1459

Strategy management small business in the region
Kokh I.A. , Cherkasova V.Yu. , Shelginskiy A.E. 1157

Managing the evolution of regional agro-industrial complex based on rankings of basic food self-sufficiency (on the example of the Tyumen region)
Мansurov R.E. 893

Political and technological aspects of state regulation of the russian heavy industry development during the financial and economic crisis
Gorshkov E.A. , Utenkov G.N. 1874

Economy and municipal administration  All articles in the headings

Local authorities as socio-economic system
Smorzhanyuk O.A. 1428

Communication system and its efficiency assessment within the framework of interaction of agro-industrial complex and housing sector in rural areas
Volchkova I.V. , Danilova M.N. , Eliseev A.M. , Podoprigora Yu.V. , Seliverstov A.A. , Ufimtseva T.V. , Shadeiko N.R. 889

Typology of strategies of depressive municipality (on the example of municipal formation "Smolensk city")
Kuzavko A.S. 1159

Economy and project management  All articles in the headings

Management of the interregional project in the system of information maintenance of activity of public authorities
Kirillov B.A. , Murinovich A.A. 1026

Systematization of innovative projects assessment methods
Rodriges Pendas A.А. 4618

Project management as a methodological basis of the military security of Russia at the present stage
Balashov A.I. , Kovalev A.A. 1140

The project of the special economic zone of industrial- production type «Titanium valley» a long way from over-idea to implementation: administrative aspects
Maslov N.V. , Feldman M.A. 1893

Risk management in the implementation of low-rise projects in construction
Gusakova N.V. , Dobrinina O.I. , Minaev N.N. , Filiushina K.E. 2672

To the question of assessment of efficiency of implementation of project management systems by subjects of managing
Loginov M.P. , Markov O.A. 1725

Economic justification of audit as a management tool of marketing communications
Markiv D.V. 977

Social and legal aspects of management  All articles in the headings

Collaboration in higher education: institutional perspectives consortia
Vasilenko N.V. , Kostenko A.A. , Nazaretyan K.A. 1697

Social space of adaptive sport in modern Russia
Barazgova E.S. , Savvulidi M.P. 1125

On the issue of alternative jurisdiction on claims for reinstatement of labour rights
Menkenov A.V. 748

Transparency as a factor of the efficiency of management of the social sphere
Kostina N.B. , Khanipova I.T. 1235

Mass student sports in contemporary Russia: social groups and regulation of their activities
Aristov L.S. , Vatoropin A.S. 1177