Issue #6(43) декабрь month 2016 year.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Bimodal management and adoption of public administrative decisions
Kirillov L.G. 3659

Evaluation of transformation approaches to the definition of neopatrimonialism
Melnikov K.V. 2770

State policy in the sphere of local self-government in the period of constructing the «vertical of power»
Mukhametov R.S. 2200

Features of public management in the context of sustainable development of the society
Podgornyy V.V. 2598

Improving institutional arrangements for the development of socio-political systems of the northern regions of Russia
Kondral D.P. 2147

Why is it necessary to reform the public control and supervision in labor in Russia?
Eryomkin V.A. , Barinova V.A. 2554

Foreign agent of influence as a society management actor: methodological aspect
Rudenkina A.I. , Kerimov A.A. 3399

Administrative mechanisms for the protection of public order by municipal authorities (on the example of the municipal entity «Сity of Ekaterinburg»)
Sidorov Yu.V. 2306

Public administration and public relations  All articles in the headings

About the peculiarities of functioning and development of analytical activities of the expert community in Russia
Noskova M.V. 1914

Public relations models within the public administration
Zaitseva E.M. 2340

Informatization of state youth policy realization in Ekaterinburg: analysis of official sites of administrations
Kalugina D.A. , Klimova G.G. 2741

Public assessment of transparency of the executive authorities of the Sverdlovsk region
Duran T.V. , Khanipova I.T. 1944

Satisfaction of the population with the territory of accommodation as a factor of development of city comanaging (on the example of the Ekaterinburg city)
Bagirova A.P. , Notman O.V. 2002

Social management  All articles in the headings

State policy in relation to the family of childhood in the soviet and post-soviet periods
Tsinchenko G.M. 2263

Socio-cultural changes during the economic crisis
Sannikov G.G. 1717

Analysis of the main factors in the adaptation of migrants in other-cultural environment
Lobodanova D.L. , Starikov I.G. 1971

The interaction of modern universities and business: the issue about the nature and role of entrepreneurial university
Mikhalchenkova N.A. 1684

Mass sport: institutional and neo-institutional approaches
Barazgova E.S. , Aristov L.S. 1907

State regulation of economy  All articles in the headings

Industrialization: the strategic imperative or call «back to the future»
Goncharov G.A. 1592

On the efficiency assessment of the budgetary process structuring on the territory of the Russian federation subject in the context of limited financial resources
Kachanova E.A. , Tchevtayeva N.G. , Matochkin R.V. 2792

State regulation of territories with special organizational-legal and economic status in the Russian federation: challenges and prospects
Kolesnikova K.L. 3648

Foresight study “recommendations for the management of municipal debt» as an effective mechanism for the management of municipal entity economy
Komarevtseva О.О. 1950

Instruments and methods of government influence on the citizens’ behavior in financial market
Kondratyeva O.E. 2324

Capacity and elaboration assessment of main directions of the Kostroma region development
Orlov E.V. 1822

Opportunities for extending russian participation in APEC activities in social and economic development
Kuznetsova A.E. 2055

Public procurement as an expansion area of foreign economic interaction between Russia and the Asia-Pacific economies
Ponomareva O.V. 1740

Municipal economy and management  All articles in the headings

Theoretical aspects of regional administrative territorial subdivision: content and mechanism of improvement
Tselishcheva E.F. 4377

Strategic monitoring in the system of organizational and economic support of sustainable development of a territory
Kharitonova Yu.S. 2085

Municipal order as a tool of managing small business development in russian cities
Akjulov R.I. , Kotljarova O.I. 2038

Program-target method implementation at municipal level in the field of small and medium business development: tools analysis and performance assessment (exemplified by Nyagan town)
Ruchkin A.V. , Latypov R.T. 1812

Designing the algorithm for the comprehensive assessment of urban infrastructure development, considering the processes of regional socio-economic development
Ufimtseva T.V. , Volchkova I.V. , Danilova M.N. , Shadeiko N.R. , Podoprigora Yu.V. , Seliverstov A.A. 2218

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Evaluation of the competitiveness criteria of the product by the method of fuzzy sets in the medium of Mathcad
Molodeckaya S.F. , Pozharskaya G.I. 2742

Sociological analysis of the educational services market in the period of 2016 enrollment campaign as a tool to assess the quality management policy at university
Еfimova I.N. , Makoveychuk A.V. , Avralev N.V. 2154

Marketing communications management in the field of audit services provision
Razorvin I.V. , Markiv D.V. 1721

Methodical aspects of comprehensive assessment of investment projects efficiency
Shemetova N.K. , Novoskoltseva Yu.Yu. 15930

On the issue of the essence of project financing
Loginov M.P. , Sobina N.V. 2121