Issue #4(41) октябрь month 2016 year.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Stalinism: the problem of vitality in the public mind and management practices
Feldman M.A. 3148

Government programs as a tool for strategic management: an interregional analysis
Nozhenko D.Yu. 8836

Public (civilian) control and public administration
Antoshin V.A. , Yershov Yu.G. 8275

International experience of assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental control (supervision)
Dobrolubova E.I. 3960

On topical issues of public councils in the Russian federation
Noskova M.V. 3313

Regional aspects of research of satisfaction of public and municipal services in the conditions of the service state
Bolshakova Yu.M. 3332

Implementation of project management standards in public administration
Makovkina S.A. , Trofimova O.M. 19101

Social management  All articles in the headings

Educational communities of universities as strategic partners of megacity management
Zborovskiy G.E. , Ambarova P.A. , Derevnina T.V. 3688

Sociological analysis on objectivity of development strategies of social entrepreneurship
Gelikh O.Ya. 3759

Youth’s attitude the concept of globalization: axiological aspect
Dmitrieva V.A. 3661

Opportunities and barriers for development of volunteering management in the Russian region (by the example of Sverdlovsk region)
Кузьминчук А.А. , Kuzminchuk A.A. 2996

Social technologies management of social activity of students
Shchemeleva I.I. 3993

Analysis of the inclusion of youth in the management and development of a city in Germany
Yudashkina V.V. 2441

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Relationship of management efficiency in the civil service and their personal and professional potential
Sinyagin Yu.V. , Selezneva E.V. 2876

Methodological approaches to assessing and forecasting human capacity of youth policy
Rostovskaya T.K. , Fomina S.N. 3418

Strategic human capital management of an industrial region on the basis of comparative analysis
Shepeleva N.A. , Abramova E.E. , Akulov A.O. 4083

None  All articles in the headings

Innovative entrepreneurship as economy driver of the future: outlines of new policies in innovative development management
Guseva Ya.V. , Gusev V.V. 3713

Economic methods to assess the regulatory impact of normative-legal acts
Pobedin A.A. , Fedulov D.V. 4439

Problems of business process improvement in Russian companies regarding the Eurasian economic integration influence factors
Zhaivoronok Yu.Yu. , Khramova A.V. 2167

Factors determining the economic security level of oil industry: probable implications, identification and assessment criteria
Brekhova U.V. , Almosov A.P. , Potomova S.A. 6437

Regional economy and management  All articles in the headings

Free economic zones as a tool to regulate development of East Siberia regions
Akjulov R.I. 3508

On regulation of employment rate in the Tyumen region under production downfall in national economy
Makhmudova M.M. 3179

Simulation model of the regional innovative process management
Soboleva O.N. 2715

Import substitution strategy design in the regional agrofood complex (exemplified by the republic of Bashkortostan)
Gusmanov U.G. , Gusmanov R.U. , Stovba E.V. 2355

Assessing economic and social interaction intensity within agglomeration territory in the aspect of socio-economic space coherence
Ufimtseva T.V. , Volchkova I.V. , Danilova M.N. , Shadeiko N.R. , Podoprigora Yu.V. , Seliverstov A.A. 3841

Urban cultural environment as factor of increasing investment attractiveness of a territory
Maslennikova A.Yu. 3924