Issue #3(40) июнь month 2016 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 10 August 2016г.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Theory of public administration: from hierarchical governance to network management
Tokareva P.V. 310

Management of political communication in the period of media convergence: in search of a conceptual approach
Yufereva A.S. 241

Bolshevism and Stalinism: the problem of relationship
Yershov Yu.G. 223

Comparative analysis of the metaphorical model “management is marketing relations» in Russian and Anglo-American management discourse
Yudina O.L. 178

Management of migration processes in Siberia: ethno politological analysis
Savinov L.V. , Shevtsova E.V. 208

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Management of innovative development of the Russian Federation by assessing its dynamic parameters
Kholodnaya A.K. 195

Import substitution in the Russian economy: prospects for domestic food production
Bunkovskiy D.V. 294

Management tools of economic safety of the oil industry in the face of fluctuations in world oil prices
Almosov A.P. , Brekhova U.V. , Potomova S.A. 416

On the issue of the regulation of labor migration in the Russian economy
Makhmudova M.M. 247

Creation of a system of indicators to assess the integrated urban infrastructure development
Volchkova I.V. , Danilova M.N. , Podoprigora Yu.V. , Seliverstov A.A. , Ufimtseva T.V. , Shadeiko N.R. 125

State and municipal financial management  All articles in the headings

Federal taxes and levies of the Russian Federation: problems and perspectives of development
Aguzarova F.S. 175

On improving financial management systems in the sphere of obligatory medical insurance
Gulyaev P.V. 178

Methodical approaches to the choice of directions of financial support to innovative territorial clusters
Bannikov A.Yu. , Losev A.A. , Khlebnikova S.A. 169

Social management  All articles in the headings

Sociological recommendations: concept, functions, principles and creation mechanism
Kolupaeva A.A. , Shpak L.L. 150

National strategies in the field of higher education: content, types, subjects
Duran T.V. , Kostina N.B. 167

Humanitarian diplomacy as a tool of social conflicts resolving
Tchernikh N.A. 135

Improving interaction of local authorities with population in the field of handling citizens’ appeals: problems of efficiency (exemplified by the municipality of the CITY of EKATERINBURG)
Feldman M.A. , Chigvintsev S.A. 166

Researching reproductive attitudes of the Komi Republic population in the context of identifying demographic policy goals
Popova L.A. , Shishkina M.A. 177

Evaluation of spatial development of municipality
Klyuchnikova T.N. 304

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Knowledge management model in the focus of attention
Vorobiov A.D. 180

Professional training of civil servants in the context of management of the future
Nikolaeva M.A. 157

Innovations in the personnel reserve of public service: implementation opportunities and willingness to perform
Kargina E.D. , Nikitina A.S. 211

Lustration: assessment tool or another magic word?
Zelinskyi S.E. 186

Organizational-legal mechanisms of improving professional competences of youth outreach specialists
Rostovskaya T.K. , Fomina S.N. 160

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Flexible operation modes as an anti-crisis technology of industrial enterprise personnel management
Saranchuk S.Yu. 208

Reducing non-payment risks through factoring
Belyakova A.I. , Toropova I.V. 184

Researching assessment criteria of innovative activity of business organizations
Golubev A.A. , Mokhnatkina E.V. 156