Issue #1(38) март month 2016 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 01 April 2016г.

None  All articles in the headings

Control of institutional changes: problems and their solution on the way to success
Goncharov G.A. 3341

Managing the sustainable development of the territory on the basis of the meta-governance concept
Tokareva P.V. 4241

Social governance as ensuring stability and preventing a criminal act
Dzhakhbarov Yu.A. 2874

Monitoring the governor's image development as a leader of public opinion
Vatoropin A.S. , Semina M.S. 5904

Management of socio-economic adaptation and integration of external migrants in the Russian society
Vinokurova E.I. 4639

Constitutional and legal framework of the organization of municipal authorities in the Russian federation
Baboshin O.A. 6054

Media and internet as management tools for political stability
Semchenko O.V. 4061

Public-private partnership in the innovation sphere as a basis for consolidated management of modern economy
Gusev V.V. , Guseva Ya.V. 6607

The social partnership system in enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region and the problem of the efficiency of its regulation
Feldman M.A. 5710

Control of social-economic development of districts  All articles in the headings

Segmenting consumer markets of major cities in the Ural region as a tool of formation of marketing priorities for their development
Razorvin I.V. , Usova N.V. , Sharapova V.M. 5680

Experience of using marketing tools to enhance the investment value of the territory
Bodrova J.A. , Loginov M.P. 5315

Improving the management and disposal of property in the context of privatization (exemplified by perm territory)
Rozhkov E.V. 5039

Incomes of Yamalo-Nenets autonomous area as an object of regional governance in challenging economic environment
Medvedev P.S. 4436

Modern transformations in managing investment activity of enterprises under the conditions of economic instability (exemplified by the Sverdlovsk region)
Makhmudova M.M. 5462

On specifics of economy management systems in resource-based regions of Russia
Gulyaev P.V. 3818

Improving agricultural management efficiency on the basis of spatial potential (exemplified by the republic of Buryatia)
Ayurzanain A.B. , Galdanova E.V. 3270

The financial aspect in managing formation and development of territorial clusters
Molchanov I.N. , Moltchanova N.P. 8549

Managing industry structural changes in the regions of the North Caucasian federal district
Borovikova N.V. , Kiselyova N.N. 2403

Foreign experience of the state support of grain crop production
Kovbasyuk A.A. 5554

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Administrative methods of economic thinking of managers
Bohunov L.A. 4624

Network mechanism of competent personnel management
Startsev Yu.N. , Taradanov A.A. 2794

Marketing research: corporate competitiveness management
Butko G.P. , Porotnikov P.A. 6426

The role of CSR in the formation of social-labor relations in modern organizations
Vitik S.V. , Ritter I.V. 3957

Сравнительный анализ корпоративной социальной ответственности российских и иностранных нефтегазовых компаний на территории Арктической зоны Российской Федерации (на примере Ямало-Ненецкого автономного округа)
Kovrigina T.A. , Kostko N.A. 11916

Specific features of workspace quality management in public bodies
Alekseeva K.S. , Voronina L.P. 6833

Managers and owners of business-organizations about the orientation of the Bashkortostan students to work in the field of small and medium business
Elagina R.N. , Kostina N.B. 2224