Issue #6(37) декабрь month 2015 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 21 January 2016г.

Power and public management  All articles in the headings

Public development management: research trends and prospects
Startsev Ya.Yu. 4264

Revolution and modernization theory
Schulz E.E. 8331

The problem of the Russian statehood in the light of the evolution-synergetic approach
Andreyeva Yu.A. , Skorobogackii V.V. 3244

Political power: experience of the concept analytics
Fedorovskikh A.A. 5219

Comparative characteristics of “management-is science” metaphorical model in the Russian and Anglo-American managerial discourse
Yudina O.L. 2915

Comparative analysis of E-government systems in Russia and the USA
Younhee K. , Nikitina A.S. 4805

Social networks in the process of communication of the authorities and society
Kiselyova A.M. , Shpak E.A. 15919

The role of social media in implementation of image strategies of the politicians in the context of information society development at regional level
Makoveychuk A.V. , Rykhtik M.I. 5961

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Management of agglomeration processes in Russia: content and specifics
Volchkova I.V. , Podoprigora Yu.V. , Ufimtseva T.V. 5763

Infrastructure development of the Russian Arctic territories exploration in modern conditions
Kondral D.P. , Morozov N.A. 7039

Museum services system as an element of territorial marketing
Bodrova J.A. , Loginov M.P. 2552

The positive dynamic of wages of the population of the major industrial region as a result of anti-crisis management under the conditions of economic instability (exemplified by Chelyabinsk region)
Makhmudova M.M. 3006

The model of the short-term forecasting of the level of gross municipal product in conditions of continuous change
Komarevtseva О.О. , Lytneva N.A. 1871

Specifics of management of labour productivity growth and costs reduction on the basis of equipment modernization
Voronina L.P. , Tychkin D.S. 3603

Algorithm of designing and development of the customer loyalty program in a commercial enterprise
Ruchkin A.V. , Trofimova O.M. 8058

Social management  All articles in the headings

Public sector management system in the light of the theories of socio-economic systems
Belousova S.V. 9960

Cooperation of local authorities with youth in crisis: problems and prospects
Bikmetov E.Yu. , Kungurtseva G.F. , Khozinov R.R. 6953

Informatization as an indicator of resource management and educational reforms
Klimova G.G. , Yakovleva N.A. 2061

Insurance health model in Russia on the path from idea to goal: managerial aspects
Feldman M.A. 2368

Quality management and availability of public health services (on materials of Sverdlovsk region)
Andreyeva Yu.A. , Kuznetsova E.V. 3122

Satisfaction of the of the Komi republic population with municipal services provision: the experience of empirical research
Bolshakova Yu.M. 5018

Social efficiency of state support for working young people in Sverdlovsk region
Zerchaninova T.E. , Mudretsova N.P. 3695

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Analysis of theoretical-methodological and regulatory legal framework for a comprehensive assessment of the impact of professional performance of civil servants
Voronina L.I. , Radchenko T.E. 4086

Diagnostic tools for assessment of civil servants’ managerial competence
Zelinskyi S.E. 6104

Pension plans of the younger generation of the Russians: state paternalism or subject partnership?
Vlasova O.I. , Kostina N.B. 2949

The continuous adult education in municipal system: software-modular approach
Rezinkina L.V. 3509

Improving the efficiency and quality of education and skill-building of a specialist on work with youth
Rostovskaya T.K. 2665

Legal aspects of public and social management  All articles in the headings

Legal regulation of interstate management in the context of the formation of modern mega space
Bublik V.A. , Gubareva A.V. 2057

Coordination as an effective method of public administration in Europe (on the example of Iceland)
Maksurov A.A. 2203

The forms and limits of constitutional legal interaction between the president of the Russian Federation and "civil society" in the sphere of protection and promotion of human and civil rights and freedoms
Prokofiev V.N. 2057

The mechanism for protection of rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs in the field of antimonopoly regulation
Ablyamitov R.Sh. 3611

Legal regulation and the procedure for establishment of non-profit organizations
Ponomareva O.A. 2747

Content of the statutes of voluntary organizations. Typical mistakes made by public organizations in the process of the state registration
Ksel L.E. 2832