Issue #5(36) ноябрь month 2015 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 30 November 2015г.

Power and political management  All articles in the headings

Values management in the context of political reform
Sannikov G.G. 3301

Empire management in the era of modernization: politological analysis
Shishkov V.V. 2907

The practices of civic engagement in public policy and the experience of civil initiative management
Perezolova A.S. 3627

Managing the image of the Russian authorities through political advertising
Pishchugina O.S. 3300

Local government in Russia: milestones of development
Mukhametov R.S. 7435

The issues of regional development management in the field of national security in the Russian Federation and the USA: comparative analysis
Antoshin V.A. , Yershov Yu.G. 3958

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Specific features of the national foreign trade activities management through the prism of the policy of protectionism and liberalism
Troyan I.A. 4765

Problems and prospects of social development management of the Russian regions through public-private partnership
Akjulov R.I. 6283

Public-private partnership as a management tool of social and economic development of municipalities
Pobedin A.A. , Fedorov D.V. 6065

Public-private partnership as an element of management system of investment potential development of industrial enterprises
Shvakov E.E. 2660

Cluster development as a tool of improving economic management
Alkhimovitch I.N. , Naidenov N.D. 2061

Optimization of investment resources as a mechanism of the regional innovation reproduction management
Gundorova M.A. , Moshnova V.A. , Fraimovich D.V. 2307

Methodical approach to assessing the urban infrastructure development based on the balanced system of indicators
Volchkova I.V. , Danilova M.N. , Podoprigora Yu.V. , Seliverstov A.A. , Ufimtseva T.V. , Shadeiko N.R. 2599

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Planning and control of monitoring scheduled activities as a key element of managing the main department of the RF ministry of justice in the Sverdlovsk region
Startseva E.N. 2552

The concept and main contents of goals and objectives of the administrative activity in the RF prosecutor’s authorities
Strelnikov V.V. 2529

Environmental analysis of public organizations: concept, methods, problems
Klimova A.V. 13050

Managing the university-enterprise interaction at training in-demand specialists at labour market
Kalugina D.A. , Klimova G.G. 2979

Problems of corporate governance technologies implementation in modern university
Bozhko L.L. , Gabdullina L.D. , Nayzabekov A.B. 3501

Planning and analysis of supporting business operation as important functions of business-processes management at an enterprise
Tarnovskaya Yu.S. 5515

Improvement of accounting, inventory management and control on enterprises
Baidybekova S.K. 10948

Social management  All articles in the headings

Culture of consumption as a factor of labor management
Ilyin A.N. 2498

Expert evaluation of the challenges of public management of the penal correction system development in the perm territory
Barmin A.A. , Zerchaninova T.E. 3748

Regulation of supplementary education for children and teenagers in the region: the problem of efficiency and regulatory instruments
Basov N.A. , Feldman M.A. 2886

Territorial schemes as a means of waste management
Ostrovskiy N.V. 4527

The emergence of the Anglo-American borrowings and their subsequent metaphorization in the Russian managerial discourse as one of the ways of the Russian management development
Yudina O.L. 2654

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Methodical bases of formation of innovative personnel potential for efficient management of marine transport industry of Russia
Mitrofanova N.V. 2256

Personnel issues of import substitution in fuel and energy complex
Kovrigina T.A. 3113

Management of professional destructions of public servants (exemplified by tax authorities)
Usova O.V. 2917

Continuous adult education in municipal system: software-modular approach
Rezinkina L.V. 2340

Managing the financial security of citizens residing in the reserve, acting as military service in modern Russia
Zarubetskiy A.M. , Privetkin A.A. 2385

Principles and tools for managing economic thinking of a manager
Bohunov L.A. 2063

Legal aspects of public and social management  All articles in the headings

Governance as an object of study of social and legal sciences
Vaganov A.M. , Kornienko V.I. 3812

National legal science on the phenomenon of legal effect
Berg L.N. 5713

Management process to ensure national security in the form of constitutional-legal institute: concept, subject of regulation
Verbitskaya T.V. 3549

On the issue about moral imperatives of the transaction
Beitullayeva Z.A. 2010

The problem of a supervisory body in the environment of misregulating of processes connected with interaction of labor dispute parties
Antonova E.B. , Shabanov L.V. 2175

Collective actors as representatives of workers in a social partnership: CIS countries experience
Nushtaikina K.V. 2179

Problems of installation development on harmonization of the activities implementation of the actors coordinating legal technology in the studying process of law practitioners
Maksurov A.A. 2534