Issue #4(35) август month 2015 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 26 August 2015г.

Informational and ideological problems of public administration  All articles in the headings

The media and problems of political management in modern media scene
Balynskaya N.R. , Kovalyova M.M. 4062

Conservative ideologies in the political system of modern Russia: concepts, trends and application in public administration
Gurushkin P.Yu. , Ketov A.R. 3947

“Ukrainian issue” in the post-revolutionary emigrant historiography
Tsepilova V.I. 4400

Information strategies and socio-dynamics of protesting campaigns in Russia
Bolshakov S.N. , Popov D.A. 3802

Information support to the political system, political regime and society stability
Semchenko O.V. 4824

Political culture study by foreign sociologists of classical period
Khoroshkevitch N.G. 4679

The role of Christian pragmatism in the development of American model of supremacy
Sudakov S.S. 3244

World view of the Russian cosmism and global problems of today
Sazonova E.V. 4466

Administrative aspects of national safety  All articles in the headings

New forms of governance in the global information environment and problems of the RF national security
Sulimin A.N. 3671

Political and technological aspects of energy security of Russia in financial and economic crisis
Gorshkov E.A. , Utenkov G.N. 3880

Integrated safety management at national level
Antoshin V.A. , Shestakov V.A. 15943

Problems and prospects of monitoring and assessment of socio-economic security of the Russian regions
Akjulov R.I. 16316

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

On the main trends of strategic development of efficiently balanced economies
Vladimirov S.A. 2335

Designing algorithms of clustering processes management
Brykov S.S. , Maslennikov M.I. 5826

Analysis of factors affecting energy efficiency of the region: managerial aspect
Belova T.D. , Marchenko E.M. 5248

Theoretical-managerial aspects of museum services development
Bodrova J.A. , Loginov M.P. 3945

Rating assessment of territory potential as a basis for inter-regional equalization
Novikova K.A. 5625

Performance analysis of business entities in municipal districts of the Rostov region: administrative aspect
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S. 2794

Institutional problems of public management of the economy
Razorvin I.V. , Rozhkov E.V. 4124

Tax motivation in the system of labour activity management of the region: feasibility and efficiency
Snegiryova T.K. 4023

Researching key factors of innovative activity development at the enterprise: social-administrative aspects
Kovalenko A.A. 3271

On modern status of small business in the Ural federal area
Makhmudova M.M. 5929

Comparing Profitability and Ranking of Technical Analysis Indicators Based on TOPSIS Technique
Ghobadi M. , Ghobadi. M. , Heshmatpour M. 2728

Individual property tax: special aspects of calculation and taxation within the managerial context
Ziryanova T.V. , Ovchinnikova S.V. 14015

Human resources and education management  All articles in the headings

Methods for determination of professional-psychological abilities of employees with the aim of their rational use
Khaidarov R.R. , Yankovskaya V.I. 4412

Strategic development directions of the institute of supplementary vocational education and personnel engineering MGTU “Gorizont”
Ibragimova O.V. 4252

On the issue of criminological security notion of general and secondary vocational education system
Giniyatullina E.Z. 5406

Universal point scale of social measurements in education (problems of using two-digit and multi-digit logics in sociology)
Fursov V.V. 2301

Forming personnel image of colliery enterprises as a direction of corporative social responsibility in the system of social security
Buldigina L.M. , Ivanov M.S. , Martinova T.N. , Ravochkin N.N. 3600

Revisiting modernization specificity of supplementary vocational education programs of state civil servants
Khitrin K.L. 3658

Methodological and managerial aspects of teaching financial disciplines to students - citizens (subjects) of foreign countries
Zarubetskiy A.M. , Privetkin A.A. 2716

Legal aspects of public and social management  All articles in the headings

About the functioning of the institute of harm prevention, reparation and compensation in the Russian civil law
Chornovol E.P. 3472

Federal law “on the mechanism of social guarantees provision in various types of civil service”: requirement of development and adoption
Pletnikov V.S. , Pletnikova M.S. 2595

Executive’s report as a form of public-legal responsibility
Rusakov K.A. 3219

Distinctive features of rights and legal interests’ protection of the participants in relations shaping up in the sphere of anti-monopoly regulation
Istomin V.G. 3602

Civil deals and agreements in modern legislation
Beitullayeva Z.A. 5197

Minors’ involvement in commitment of offences and other antisocial actions: criminal-legal aspects
Kosova N.N. 11232