Issue #2(33) апрель month 2015 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 19 May 2015г.

Public management and local communities  All articles in the headings

Pseudo modernization racing along the beaurocratic track
Verkhoturova I.G. 3617

Analysis of the system of the federal state fire inspectorate with the aim of developing directions for optimization of the executive power system
Klekovkina A.V. 6039

German experience of engaging citizens in management of a local community
Tsybikdorzhiyeva Zh.D. 6504

Population’s essessment of local self-power bodies response: practice of municipal research of komi republic
Bolshakova Yu.M. 10135

Social and political problems of public management  All articles in the headings

Mechanisms of articulation and aggregation of public interests in the arctic and subarctic regions of Russia
Kondral D.P. 4179

Public management of water biological resources in the sphere of their availability for indigenous low-numbered peoples of the north by the example of nenets autonomous region
Novosyolov A.P. , Tortsev A.M. 4715

Practice of management of mechanisms of informational provision of political stability in Ukraine

Use of creative technologies in political advertising: management aspect
Kiyanitsa Ye.E. 4675

On management of social infrastructure development (as an example of Tyumen region)
Makhmudova M.M. 5662

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Anticrisis management as a particular case of systematic stabilization of business structures in the conditions of crisis
Egorova N.N. , Saakov A.S. , Saakova E.B. 5293

Management of resources at an enterprise: implementation methods of rationing arrangements
Tarnovskaya Yu.S. 6995

Methods of risk management in servicing companies
Guskova N.D. , Ulyankin O.V. 5772

Improvement of financial-economic self-sufficiency of municipal entities because of interaction with citizens and business
Andryukhin A.Yu. , Mikhailov V.V. 5178

National gastronomy as a factor of tourist offer development and tourism industry management
Vujachich V. , Paunovich M. 4219

Current status and prospects of mortgage lending market management in Russia
Koroleva A.M. 9739

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Modern approach to managers professional competences development
Startsev Yu.N. 3339

Performance evaluation indicators of human capacity of an enterprise
Balynskaya N.R. , Kuznetsova N.R. , Sinitsyna O.N. 51053

Marketing tools to work with the personnel of an enterprise
Makovich G.V. 4530

Legal aspects of public and social management  All articles in the headings

International-legal standards for international relations regulations: the problem of compliance in the Russian Federation
Efremenkova D.A. 4598

Elections to the public authorities and local government: problems of legal protection of the honour of candidates
Taranenko A.S. 3354

On the perspective trends of regulatory prevention of corruption in the field of public procurement in Ukraine
Daragan V.V. 2771

“On mechanism of providing social guarantees for various types of civil service”: general requirements to the content with the aim of management decisions development
Pletnikov V.S. , Pletnikova M.S. 3609

Public procurement management in the Republic of Crimea and in the federal city Sevastopol in conditions of legal and economic integration (exemplified by purchasing of medicines and medical equipment)
Klevakin A.V. , Klevakin A.V. 3784

Problems of identification of the role of RF Labor Code in the system of normative legal acts regulating civil service in the RF missions abroad
Yakovenko N.A. 4165

Methods of identifying and combating latent crime as a basis of managerial decision making
Dzhakhbarov Yu.A. 9678

Code of civil laws of the Russian Empire 1832: genesis of the legislative construction
Taraborin R.S. 4561