Issue #6(31) декабрь month 2014 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 03 February 2015г.

Public management and power institutes  All articles in the headings

“The silent majority” of the Post-Soviet Thermidor: “Force of nothingness”
Loskutov V.A. 4379

Survivability of the Russian public management: new rationality (analysis within the context of sociological-managerial knowledge)
Ivanchuk N.V. 4196

Institute of public chambers in the Russian federation as a complex system of public control
Isakov A.S. 8227

Specificity of formation of the power image in mass media (exemplified by Chelyabinsk region)
Balynskaya N.R. , Kovalyova M.M. 5183

Subjective image of state bodies of power activity in collective consciousness
Perov E.V. 5971

Functional characteristics of the Russian managerial system of public projects
Zolochevskaya E.Yu. , Krivosheyeva T.D. 18857

Government policy accomplishment in the sphere of energy safety (exemplified by Sverdlovsk region)
Antoshin V.A. , Menshikova E.O. 6499

None  All articles in the headings

Quality control of labor and material incentives in higher educational establishments based on a systematic approach with the help of an informational index system
Rochev K.V. 5440

Development of the responsibility and motivation system of public executives in solving the problem of efficient use of public property in Russia
Filatova N.G. 8710

Comparative analysis of motivation system in public organization of Asian countries (Japan, China and Singapore) and Russia
Usticheva E.G. 10836

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Macro prudential regulation on the Ukrainian financial market and its influence on investing development
Kulpinskiy S.V. 4783

Conceptual approach to risk analysis within the context of management of cities and business development
Alkhimovitch I.N. , Pavlova O.V. 2976

Iceland economic model of attracting and managing internal investments
Tukhtarova E.H. 4362

Utilization of information-communication technologies in management of industrial enterprises (methodological tools of efficiency assessment)
Ermakova Zh.A. , Pergunova O.V. 5609

System of economic-mathematical indices for decision-making on stimulation of small business of the federal district
Gundorova M.A. , Mishchenko Z.V. , Fraimovich D.V. 4293

Application of simulation modelling as a means of analysis and controlling the activity of energy generating companies (exemplified by LLC “Gazprom Energyholding”)
Fedorov D.V. , Chichkanov V.P. 4835

Risk assessment in developing strategic alliances of the Arctic region development in Russia: methodological and managerial aspect
Kondral D.P. , Morozov N.A. 3357

Formation of managerial basis as a foundation of nature conservation in the epoch of the Arctic region reclamation
Malygina N.V. 3198

Social management, processes and institutions  All articles in the headings

Social management as a modern tool of the state social policy
Akjulov R.I. 5818

Regulation tools of the modern remuneration system on labor market (exemplified by industrial branches of Sverdlovsk region)
Sivak V.S. , Feldman M.A. 4099

Education as a factor of migrating ability: experience of assessment and managerial decision-making on a regional level
Chernishev K.A. 6766

Influence of the Russian trade unions on social-labor sphere: analysis of mass media
Shilenko A.A. 3505

None  All articles in the headings

Bylaws on citizens’ appeals: managerial context
Savoskin A.V. 5145

On the importance of introduction of criminal responsibility of juridical persons in fighting with organized crime
Maltsev T.V. 5906

Differentiation factors and their influence on labor management in the sphere of public production
Dymova K.A. 8864

Is it necessary to improve control of condominium?
Shakhova E.S. 3831

Criminalization of corrupting enrichment as a logical continuation of control over income and expenditure of executives
Borkov V.N. 3577

General-theoretical research of controlling (supervisory) activity of state
Shestakova E.S. 11269

Copyrights and related rights protection on musical compositions within the context of regulating influence assessment as an instrument of state policy
Ferran Ya.A. 3786

Essence of law-governed state through the prism of the “legal consciousness” concept
Morozova A.S. 4132

Definition of managerial competences of municipal entities in the Russian federation: theoretical-legal aspect
Teplyakov I.I. 5516