Issue #5(30) октябрь month 2014 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 31 December 2014г.

Social and political problems of public management  All articles in the headings

The Russian Soviet state –civilization. Article two
Loskutov V.A. 4200

The role of government in strategic management: traditional and modern approaches
Kostin V.A. , Kostina N.B. 6155

Political situation in Russia: subjective image of popular mentality
Perov E.V. , Perova M.B. 7090

Modern social institutions of national identity destruction: the experience of the Ukranian Maidan
Vatoropin A.S. 4745

Road map as a tool of organizational development management
Cherepanov M.A. 31087

On the issue of the RF customs authorities optimization management
Chermyaninov D.V. 5853

Managing implementation of the social function of the military education in military training centers of civilian universities
Samokhvalov Yu.P. 5388

Personnel management in public service  All articles in the headings

Public and municipal employees: competencies and content of training in the in the demographic field
Bagirova A.P. 5764

Social attitudes as factors of organizational behavior of public civil servants
Usova O.V. 4855

Competence approach to a management efficiency problem
Popova E.P. , Yakovleva T.K. 10199

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

Trends and specific features of the Russian open national innovation system development: managerial aspect
Avdeev P.A. 6287

Principles and methods of interregional project management
Loginov M.P. , Murinovich A.A. 4359

Strategic urban development: marketing approach
Gladysheva Ya.S. 6166

Managing reorganization of energy sector enterprises: backgrounds and consequences analysis
Fedorov D.V. 4568

Formation of spatial paradigm of green economy (exemplified by the recreational region of Russia): managerial aspect
Dovgotko N.A. 3288

Improvement of factor analysis of profits as a tool of holding company management
Kovalevskaya E.A. 2921

Creating the model of strategic management of an enterprise (exemplified by a logistics company)
Bunkovskiy D.V. 5475

Managing profitable educational institutions: comparative experience of the Ural federal district
Kachanova E.A. , Kuznetsova E.V. 3825

Legal aspects of public and social management  All articles in the headings

Contraversial structures in the Russian legislation on elections
Vidrin I.V. 3267

Regulatory and managerial experience of Singapore in combating corruption
Veibert S.I. 5361

Prevention of corruption in public procurement in the Republic of Belarus (regulatory and managerial aspects)
Daragan V.V. 3746

Organized crime and lawmaking in the field of combating corruption in the context of administrative decisions
Pozdnjakova L.A. 3053

Management of legal regulation of the police officers’ actions while apprehending a person who has committee a socially dangerous act
Nikulenko A.V. 5215

Social risk management: legal analysis
Istomina E.A. , Fedorova M.Yu. 14492

Zemsky (territorial) electoral law in the context of the Russian modernization
Polyakovskaya N.M. 3695

Subjects of the constitutional right to appeal in the RF
Savoskin A.V. , Kholodilova E.A. 5448

Topical issues of developing the system of agencies to prevent organized crime: current state and improvement perspectives
Ivantsov S.V. 5372

Certain aspects of combating transnational cybercrime
Filimonov S.A. 4045

The management processes dealing with conflicts within the framework of the sources of the national security policy
Verbitskaya T.V. 4587